Our First Peek at Trois Familia

French Toast  at Trois FamiliaLike Trois Mec and Petit Trois, Trois Familia is in an unassuming little strip mall, in the location formerly occupied by Allegria. It is billed as French Mexican Food, so I was a little disappointed they didn’t call is “Tres Hombres.” There was no wait on their official opening day, although the only seats available were on the picnic bench that faces the wall. I prefer people-watching (and ogling their food), but most single diners are on their cell phones the entire time anyways.

It turned out to still be very communal dining, in spite of being shoulder-to-shoulder. In fact I would even call it convivial dining. The woman on my right started swooning over her chilaquiles and as we talked about them she let me take a picture. By the time her “Beet Tartare” arrived she was offering me a bite. She had expected “Beef Tartare,” but was very happy with the dish. I liked the acidity and the bit of heat along with the intense beet flavor. The man on my left wanted to try my French Toast, and offered up a bite of his baguette with beurre de baratte and jam in exchange.

So yes, I ordered the decadent Churro French Toast with Salt & Straw Vanilla Ice Cream and Mexican Chocolate. It was just a whisper of chocolate, if any. The overwhelming flavor was cinnamon, and it was good. It was a combination of regular old household cinnamon and “true cinnamon” which I gather comes from Ceylon. The ice cream was the perfect touch.

I started my meal a bit more healthfully with the Poached Egg, Chorizo Jam and Potato Mousseline. The plate of white potatoes didn’t look very exciting at first, but when I stirred it, wow! The bright red chorizo and yellow yolk made a gorgeous and appetizing swirl. The taste was far beyond my expectations. This is a dish you will wake up every morning craving.

I will say that the portion sizes are not the giant American breakfasts we have come to expect. When is the last time you were served a plate with one lone egg or a single slice of French toast? But this is probably the amount we are supposed to be eating. This is probably a sane amount of food. That being said, those with heartier appetites may want to order two dishes. Which suits me perfectly, because I love trying a little bit of everything. This only applies to the “breakfast” side of the menu, as I did not order from the lunchier side. I did notice and awful lot of tacos whizzing by.

Ludo, Jon and Vinny were all working their asses off in the kitchen. I knew not to bother them, but Jon came out for a minute and he seemed tired but very happy. I loved Trois Familia with their informal white picnic benches and enamel dinnerware. They have a real record player and real records. The food that I tasted was ridiculously good. Everyone was happy and congenial, and I left feeling like I had made some new frends, or some new “familia.” Everything was perfect. What else would you expect?

Trois Familia is open from 10am until 2pm, 7 days a week. First come, first serve. You are not seated until the entire party has arrived. You can check out their full menu on Eater.

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