Dakota Leather: The One to Watch

Time waits for no one

If Halloween wishes do come true, where do we sign up? Dakota Skull Leather watch, www.dakotawatch.com

Do Halloween wishes come true?

As then, as now. When I was a child, I had a traumatizing fear of Santa. When my well-intentioned mother and grandmother would lead me by gloved hands to the mall at Christmas time, I’d break into a cold sweat. That “Ho! Ho! Ho!” booming through the tinny sound system triggered sheer terror in my 4-year old synapses. It was all too bright. Canned carols bellowed and screeched through the space. Having to sit on Santa’s knee and tell him my Christmas wishes, sweating in my tiny camel’s hair coat from Best & Co., I’d burst into tears. My only wish was to be alone and silent in a cool, soft, dark, dark room for a very long time.

Not surprisingly, Halloween is more my cuppa flesh than Yule, and so if I’m going to sit on any scary someone’s knee and beg for a holiday gift, it will be for the Dakota Skull Leather Watch.

The skully has an embroidered look, set in a 42 mm brass case with a wide leather band. It’s appealing for its restraint, whispery black on black, since the skull is right up there with Hello, Kitty and Frida for over-commercialized visages. Also available in blue/black, brown and olive green, $55-$75.

Dakota Watches, under the care and supervision of the Cooper family, has been crafting timepieces for more than seven decades.

Time waits for no one– Lord of Darkness, grantor of wishes from the underworld, are you listening?

Victoria Thomas

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Brooklyn-born Victoria Thomas loves writing about flora and fauna, although she chooses to do so in an urban setting. If she had it all to do over again, she might have become a forensic entomologist. She lives in Los Angeles.
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