Friday the 13th Mini Ink

Courtesy of Richmond Tattoo Shop

Written by Joanne Laciste

Just a heads up: this Friday the 13th, participating tattoo shops will be offering special deals $13 (plus the suggested lucky $7 tip). Traditionally, the participating shops will have a specific choice of tattoos to pick from. The flashes are often based on the lucky 13 flashes of Sailor Jerry. So it is likely that someone out there will have the same tattoo that you will be getting. If you pride yourself on being unique, some shops will do a custom mini tattoo for a little over the price of the special. Tattoo parlors that also do piercing are often extending the deal to offer $13 piercings of select body parts.

Some places are even turning the day into one big party! True Tattoo in Hollywood will be hosting a 24-hour lucky tattoo marathon from midnight at 12:01am Thursday night/Friday morning until midnight Friday night/Saturday morning. Alchemy Tattoo in the Silverlake area will be offering larger pieces starting at $50 from Friday opening at 12 noon until closing time Sunday. Check out their Friday the 13th flash here.

Since Friday the 13th tattoos are such a tradition, the shops are known to be crowded on that day. Regulars may have an easier time getting this special deal. It is best to call and schedule an appointment ahead of time for this coming Friday. Call your local shop to find out if your favorite tattoo artist is participating in this tattoo deal! Here are a few local spots advertising the special:

American Electric Tattoo Co. on Sunset in LA

Illuminati Tattoo Lounge in Orange

Tattoo Love on Eagle Rock in LA

Rich Ink Tattoo & Piercing in Van Nuys

Elise Thompson contributed to this post

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