Is Your Dog Psychic? Find Out Wednesday!

Image courtesy of Drago Lonescu

Image courtesy of Drago Lonescu

How do dogs find their way home over long distances? Why do they seem to know when people are sick or dying? Do some dogs have ESP or some other form of psychic power? Can they even communicate from beyond the grave?

Wednesday, Dec. 30, at 10 pm, Dr. Paul Koudounaris will lecture and present a slideshow on that very possibility. Known for his research into the topic of death, Dr. Koudounaris will present historical evidence that “psychic phenomena and ESP have been reported with dogs for centuries, and have even been tested in laboratory settings.”

According to Paul K, “There will be further forms of pleasing entertainment for your edification.”

The event takes place Wednesday, Dec. 30, 10 pm, at the Hyperion Tavern in Silverlake. 1941 Hyperion, 90027. Free!

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  1. And don’t forget they can see ghosts! (in the movies, anyway)

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