Imagine Dragons In Concert “Smoke + Mirrors” Special Nationwide Screening Tuesday March 2nd


If you’ve longed to experience Imagine Dragons performance in the most intimate concert setting possible that opportunity is closely approaching! This is a special nationwide screening scheduled for 178 theaters on March the 2nd at 7:30pm for the true fan and the curious.

Imagine Dragons in Concert: Smoke+Mirrors screening will be released in select theaters for a one-night concert event to premiere in 150 theaters nationwide. Smoke+Mirrors was shot in 4K in a 15,000 seat venue in Toronto Canada on July 4th and was recorded in “Dolby Atmos” for the most immersive 360 audio/visual experience possible. For best sound performance look for the Dolby Atmos logo when searching for a screening in your city.

Smoke + Mirrors is not a documentary styled concert movie. Smoke + Mirrors was made in such a way to create a sense of intimacy between the fans and the band in a one on one sense. Dick Curruthers creates exceptionally clean and striking visuals that bring fans and band closer together. The feeling of closeness Curruthers creates in Smoke + Mirrors  was intense and rich as you drift, pan and scan, through fans at eye level and then switch to close-ups of Dan Reynolds and the band. There were moments the closeness seemed to diminished the band as a mystical heady phenomenon in proportions to the proximity that intimacy portrayed. That was a bit of a draw back to the concert experience in generating a larger than life feeling. At times Curruthers creates some truly stunning and striking performance moments using lights and camera angles that lift the musical performance to magical heights, but not often as desired. The performances from Imagine Dragon were well choreographed with peerless executions of their songs, but they lacked at times an element of spontaneity that embeds in an individuals psyche as epiphany. The Dolby Atmos sound offered an exceptional experience with powerful payoffs throughout the concert. One of the most griping moments came in the performance of “Radioactive”, where the band used elements of “Dubstep” to great effect with the songs bass saturating the room and the digital sound elements of the music coming at you in unexpected and spectacular ways that was near spine-tingling! I’ve never experienced anything like this in 5.1 surround sound or other theater settings. Angelenos will be able to experience Dolby Atmos version of Smoke + Mirrors at LA Live when it opens in theaters on Tuesday.

Imagine Dragons offered to their fans attending and those are thinking of attending the special immersive Smoke + Mirrors concert experience on the 2nd with this statement, “We put more blood, sweat and lasers into planning the Smoke + Mirrors Tour than any performance we’ve given to date, and it’s something we’ll always remember. This event captures that live energy in an incredibly immersive way. We can’t wait to show it to fans all over the world, who either want to relive the experience we shared together or see it for the first time”.

Smoke + Morrors is part of their current world tour. Some of the most striking moments in the movie are found in their hits, Demons, I bet My life and the GRAMMY Award winning Radioactive. There is a never before live performance of Thief to look forward to in the feature too. So it would be a good idea to set your calendars for March 2nd for this one night only screening of this exclusive and immersive live concert experience with Imagine Dragons!





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