Pole Show LA At The Avalon: What Did That Look Like?

All Photos by Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat

All Photos by Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat

As a red-blooded man, I was excitedly anticipating Pole Show LA . The idea of lovely women spinning from great heights on poles filled my mind with fantasy and lascivious expectations. But it turned out that Pole Show LA was more than just a sexcapade for the drooling lone wolf. It was a dazzling show featuring great choreography and some rather stunning acrobatic feats that proved breathtakingly beautiful to behold. The show is comprised of a variety of vignettes featuring performances from a single artist or troupe. Each vignette focused on choreography, characters and story development with  elaborate costuming. Some performances were tasty, and others were tastefully executed, but I especially admired the dancers’ strength and skill.

Photo Gallery After The Break

These are the performances in the order they were performed: Cell Block Tang took the stage first (performed by Amy G. Anika, Brandon, Claudia, Jedda, Jennifer and Jordan), then was followed by Olga Koda solo performance. D&D (Ann, April, Audrey, Blaine, Brandy, Celina, Kristy, Liana, Lindsey, Michelle, Monica and Stephanie), then a solo performance by Elena Anishchenko. Cake 2.0 starring Allison Sipes, was sort of tribute to Marie Antoinette with a new take on cake and icing (Amy, Elizabeth, Jamie, Katherine and Kelsea). Violent Planet starring Marlo Fisken (Jennifer, Kasumi, Ngoc, Rhyn). Bang Bang (Anka, Anthony, Barndon, Celina, Claudia, Elena, Elyse, Jedda, Jordan, Magnus, Mary, Mathew, Sergia, Stanislove, Tala and Wendy) preceded Natasha Wang’s solo performance. Bath Time was cute and had a lot of shimmy to it (Camille, Joanna, Kate, Margarita, Michelle and Victoria).

It was a great evening of top flight entertainment, but sadly, I had prior obligations and had to leave because the show was running a little late. I look forward to more fun, fanciful and fantastic work at the next Pole Show LA. There is an extensive photo gallery that will explore the fun and adventure of the evening’s festivities below.

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