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IMG_4433I’ve visited Slider Stop several times since they opened in Sept 2015. I return when my craving for their Garlic Tots and Buffalo Chicken slider becomes too much to bear. I figure it’s time to share North Redondo’s delicious little secret.

Having grown up in the South Bay, the three Rezaie brothers wanted to bring gourmet mini-burgers to their home town. They take the quality of their food very seriously, and tend to each detail from the hormone and antibiotic free meat to the organic produce grown on a local farm in Palos Verdes. The décor is a clean, modern take on a 50’s style diner and they have something for everyone on their menu.

IMG_2108I like to get two sliders; the Chicken Dinner slider (Fried Chicken topped with home made mashed potatoes with maple bacon gravy on a sweet Kings Hawaiian roll) and the Buffalo chicken (not too spicy, perfectly tangy fried chicken, topped with blue cheese slaw). The garlic fries rule, and come with their delicious “fry sauce” (a secret blend of ketchup, mayo, Tapatío and citrus). I must say that it’s not a lot of food for the price, (10.50 for the combination above)  but I always feel full and good when I leave, not disgusting like I just ate a Big Mac. Their quality ingredients are worth the price.

Slider Stop offers 11 different sliders (a vegetarian one will be added soon) 4 different types of tots & fries and 3 different salads. They serve great shakes (Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry) as well as fountain drinks.

Open 11:00-9:00 every day except Sunday when they close at 8:00

2315 Artesia Blvd. Redondo Beach, CA 90278 310-214-5200

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