The LA Beat Interview With Manika About Her Hit “I Might Go Lesbian (Featuring Tyga)”

I had a little time set aside to chat with Manika about her salacious and cleverly penned hit “I Might Go Lesbian: featuring Tyga” that strays into some of Manika’s other interest of  Love Line radio show, her TV show and 2 books that will soon be released. This all makes Manika a busy young lady. Score all the dish below in this LA Beat interview.

What was the inspiration for “I Might go Lesbian (feat. Tyga)”?

I was pretty bold with this song… I took inspiration mostly from my own dating experiences and some from my closest friends’. The story is pretty much all there in the lyrics of the song no holding back this time. I’ve encountered too many jerks of guys in my life… heartbreakers, liars, cheaters. Where as I’ve encountered so many fabulous souls of women. Plus us ladies are pretty damn sexy too. I definitely do not think it is a choice on who you are attracted to. But for us people who are attracted to both men and ladies it’s our choice which (or both!) we want to pursue/be in a relationship with. I think a lot more people than come out to it are attracted to both (or more) sexes, but because of the pressures of society sometimes don’t pursue all their attractions. I think artists like Miley Cyrus who are leading the open sexuality and love who you love movement are great! I hope this will give people more confidence and reassurance to be themselves in their sexuality and know that there are so many people out there who will not judge but embrace them!

If you were to go Lesbian would you like to be with a straight girl, a lipstick or a more butch type?

Whenever I try to categorize the “type” of people I am attracted to, I always end up failing. LOL. For instance, I used to say “I like people who are not the same exact ethnic mix as me”, kind of as a joke since my unique ethnic mix is way too complicated to duplicate. But then I did happen to meet one Asian, Latino, European mix with the same ethnicities as me and was like “dayumm he’s hot!” I used to think I only found lipstick Lesbians attractive. But then about two years ago, I was in a kickboxing class with a more “butch” type instructor and was like “dayumm how am I supposed to focus with that sexy teaching the class!” LOL. For me I guess it depends more on each individual rather than a “type”.

When Tyga comes in with his flow, is he saying he understands where you’re coming from and he’s that different guy or is he saying digging that Lesbian thing and wants to get in on it?

a little bit of both.

Do you think the “Player” rich Hip Hop scene has made it harder for you and your girls to connect in a real way with these men?

Sadly, the two so often seem to be tied together! Cuz I totally dig the rich Hip Hop scene (as you can tell in my song “B.Y.O.Bugatti”), but the “Player” scene totally NOT! Connecting in a real way for me is a must! But some of these hip hop “player” songs I totally get… they’re just fun party songs and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

What do you find in a man or a woman that would make you feel really attracted to them? Why?

Character. For me a lot of the physical attraction builds from their character and personality. I love people who are driven, hard-working and have an interesting personality. I don’t really have a “type” of personality I like most. I just like interesting personalities. No matter how physically “perfect” someone may be, if they’re boring I will not find them attractive.

I noticed “I Might Go Lesbian” had a more mature sound to it than “Just Can’t Let You Go”. Was that a conscious decision to match the tone and topic of “I Might Go Lesbian” or just part of you maturing into adulthood?

A little bit of both! I like to explore all avenues of pop. For “I Might Go Lesbian (feat. Tyga)” I planned to make a pop track with elements of rock and hip hop/rap in it. But also, as I’ve matured my songs (including the music elements) have become more edgy. I actually made the music first. After making the music, I knew the lyrics for this track had to be super-edgy and out there.

It’s nice to hear you are reaching out to a younger generation with a message of prevention of cruelty to animals. How was the response to that message with the inner city children?

When I was 15, I wrote and published my first book (a children’s chapter book called The Exciting Adventures of BOO). I also became the teen spokesperson for the Nevada ASPCA Animal Shelter. I would tour inner city schools and give free writing workshops, free book readings, and educate the children on how to take care of pets (and the prevention of cruelty for animals). The kids loved it! It’s such a blessing to be able to bring smiles to their faces 🙂 I also donated $15,000 of book sale proceeds to the ASPCA Animal Shelter.

What is your second book about and when is it expected to be released?

Well, I kind of have two actually…
One is my Tour Diary from when I toured North America with One Direction! My fans have been begging me to release it… so I just might post that on my website soon. The other is called 1,2,3…Publish Me! I come from a family of authors… my dad is an author, my aunt, my grandpa, my grandma, my uncle…. I reveal, step by step the secrets to writing a children’s book.

Tell me more about your show on Dash Radio called “Manika’s Love Line”?
“Manika’s Love Line” airs every Sunday at 6pm PST / 8pm CST / 9pm EST on Dash Radio! Fans can tweet me @ManikaOfficial with what’s going on in their love lives and what they want my love advice on. Then I give love advice and even a call in to a few lucky fans live on the air! I also have some fabulous guest stars on my episodes. Like Cimorelli was on this week! They were the amazing! And they helped me give some great advice and answered some saucy questions about their own love life, like their first kiss! I have a bunch more fabulous guest stars lined up…stay tuned.

When is Global Beauty Master set to premiere?
You can watch me this March as host of the TLC network’s “Global Beauty Masters”! Check my website for air times.

Is it a contest show or a how to show?
It is an international hair, make-up, nail and wardrobe competition! But you definitely learn A LOT form this show! They show you step by step EVERYTHING that goes on backstage to create each masterpiece.

Is there anything in particular you’d like to share with your fans?
My new single “How Can I Love” was just released to iTunes! And it’s playing on Sirius XM & Top 40 Radio! Plus I just released a deluxe version of “I Might Go Lesbian (feat. Tyga)” that includes two new remixes. That’s on iTunes too! Be sure to check them out if you haven’t yet 😉

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