Terrine Introduces Their Spring Cocktails

Terrine's Chocolate Martini (Photo by Simone Snaith for The LA Beat)

Terrine’s Chocolate Martini (Photo by Simone Snaith for The LA Beat)

On Wednesday night, Terrine hosted a cocktail party to debut their new spring cocktails. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere, casual but chic, and we love their famous patio. Head Bartender Ryan Wainwright has divided his menu into five cocktail categories: Bubbly and Refreshing; Crisp and Clean; Smooth and Elegant; Dark and Aromatic; and Velvety and Fun.

We were pleased with the 5th and Vermouth made with vodka and lemon, and the Soleil Tonique (gin, grapefruit juice, lemongrass & bergamot tonic). The cocktails are both very nice, and kind of similar: very citrusy, refreshing and light, but not too sweet. On Valentine’s Day, Wainwright created a Chocolate Martini with a chocolate truffle in the bottom that had caramel inside. It was so popular that he’s making it a part of the permanent menu. The chocolate candy doesn’t infuse the drink, but it is a nice treat at the end.

And what would a trip to Terrine be without Chef Kris Morningstar’s stellar cuisine? The fried pig’s ears were cut into strips like curly fries. They were kind of like cracklin’s, but better, and less greasy. The pig’s ears were crunchy and salty, served with a creamy dip. We also liked the buttery homemade potato chips. If you are in the West Hollywood area looking for a casual but romantic place for a refreshing cocktail, check out Terrine.

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