watt’s picture of the week – thursday, march 31, 2016


here’s the actual beacon light at point fermin here in my pedro town. now prolly one of the oldest (if not the oldest) buildings still standing here is our point fermin lighthouse which was built in 1874 BUT had its light removed during the second world war – you can see if you look up where the light used to go:


it got removed when the second world war came and the u.s. army put it about a hundred feet closer to the cliffs. it’s automated now… damn if a fox didn’t run right past me not long after snapping these – he ran through a gap in the fence and right near where this army light is, damn if he wasn’t the biggest one I’ve ever seen, ‘pert-near as big as a german shepherd but more skinny and really red w/brown… saw him in the corner of my eye and then bam – he was through that fence gap, just like that! second fox ever I’ve seen in my fortynine years of living here and damn if it wasn’t at the crack of dawn that other time too.

photos by mike watt

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