Barry Kleven’s “School Days” at Lethal Amounts


“School Days”, featuring the recently discovered photos of the late Barry Kleven, kicked off last Friday at Lethal Amounts downtown. Kleven was a talented teenager who took some impressive pictures at L.A. rock and punk shows in the 1970s, but his scrapbook was only discovered by his family after his death. The collection is smaller than I expected, but the photos are quite good. For a kid who borrowed school cameras to take to concerts, he managed to get some surprisingly intimate shots, such as the close-up candids of Joan Jett, alone or lounging with Dee Dee Ramone.

In addition to the framed shots, there are two tables laid out with more photos, as well as a few concert tickets and flyers, but I did wish there was more information included about each show. The exhibit runs until May 13th and is definitely worth taking a look. There are photos from the exhibit after the jump, taken with permission from Klevens’ brother (and deliberately not up close).

Photos by Simone Snaith and Kika Rodriguez for The Beat

Simone Snaith

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