Noir City: 18th Annual Los Angeles Festival of Film Noir

The Bitter Stems

The Bitter Stems

Now just look here, all you hard-livin’ broads and fellas, with a knack for seein’ things in black’n’white. Dem picture folks over at American Cinematheque, in cahoots with da Film Noir Foundation, are puttin’ on a show – why, it ain’t just a show, see, but a whole ten-day-long picture show – and ya better get wise to it. It’s at that fancy Egyptian Theater place in Hollywood – ya know, that place with the columns in the front and da spooky Egyptian murals on the wall. Place kinda gives me the creeps, but they know how to put on a real good picture show.

If ya think ya can just sit around and watch these on DVD or TCM, boy, are you ever screwy in da head. These folks have dug up films from, I dunno, wherever these film know-it-alls dig things up from – and no one’s seen `em for years. Years! Are ya hearin’ me? And if ya just sit at home drinkin’, smokin’, and starin’ out a rain-soaked window while an ominous orchestral score rises to a crescendo in the background, you’re gonna miss out.

So ya better go, or you and I might have to have a little talk about this, see? Here’s da schedule.

The American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theater and the Film Noir Foundation Presents Noir City: Hollywood the 18th Annual Los Angeles Festival of Film Noir
April 15-24th at the Egyptian Theater
6712 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

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