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CT-headerWould ya like ta visit Trickford with me?                                                                              Would ya like to visit Trickford with me?                                                                                    Would ya like ta, would you like ta, would ya like ta visit Trickford with me?

The Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (RACVB) has released a proclamation signed by Mayor Lawrence J. Morrissey, “officially/unofficially” renaming the City of Rockford, “Trickford, Illinois” to show their love for their native sons, Cheap Trick. Each band member’s boyhood street was also ceremonially renamed in his honor, and entryway welcome signs now announce that Rockford’s streets “Are Patrolled By The Dream Police.” (But no, they don’t get paid to take vacations or let you alone).

A celebratory website called was also launched so you can “track the band’s relationship with Rockford, IL through the prism of time and place.” (emphasis mine). The site also showcases Rick Nielson’s favorite place to get Swedish pancakes ( Stockholm Inn) and pizza (Altamore Ristorante). It also features videos of a few grunge rockers expounding on their love for Cheap Trick, including the ubiquitous Dave Grohl, because apparently there is a law that he must be involved in every single rock-related doc, website, or cat show. Meanwhile, RACVB continues to work with the City of Rockford and partners to find fun new ways to celebrate Cheap Trick “every %&*#@& day.” (I think they mean “fucking”.)

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