Remembering Michael Sheppard at The Hyperion Tavern Tribute Show and Liquid Kitty Memorial

michaelbyjessicahoffmanThis photograph by Jessica Hoffman may seem like an odd picture for a memorial, but anyone who really knew Michael will smile. Michael always had some deal going. He was an impresario, a mover, a shaker. He put out a number of epic albums, and hosted unforgettable shows at his home in Downtown’s Nate Starkman building. People still talk about those shows, especially the one where a train caught fire. Even though Michael’s pie-in-the-sky dreams didn’t always work out, he just moved on to the next project undeterred. The last time I saw Michael was at his birthday party at La Luz. I almost didn’t make it, but I’m glad I was there. I wish I had been taking pictures.

Information on the tribute shows and memorial after the break.

The Hyperion Tavern’s Tribute – Tonight

The first of two tribute shows planned.

“Cat Museum – Michael was gearing up to release their music before he passed. An experimental sea of far out feline energy is channeled through this Los Angeles ensemble headed by Victor Balogh & Anthony Ausgang.

No-ra & the Invisable Entities Ov Opulence are performing an Interdimensional Deep Space Requiem for Michael Sheppard. Mitchell Brown, Rebecca Lynn, Sean Ellwood, Nora Keyes, & Don Bolles make up this ensemble. Michael released The Centimeters’ debut full length & single in which Nora Keyes & Rebecca Lynn are members.

Black Love – featuring beloved local scribe David Cotner and friends… Subtle weirdness that seems almost normal, but won’t ever be truly understood by mere mortals due to a top secret interdict signal!

DJs Professor Cantaloupe and Don Bolles (who, incidentally was Michael’s partner in the Bad Trip, Goldar, Mad Deadly Worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God, and Transparency labels).”

Liquid Kitty Memorial May 21st

Michael Sheppard‘s memorial gathering will be held on Saturday, May 21st at Liquid Kitty, from 4:30pm to 7:30pm. The address is 11780 W. Pico Blvd., LA, CA 90064. The phone number there is (310) 473-3707.

If you knew and loved Michael please join us for this gathering. Perhaps bring a story about Michael to share. There will be food, music, photos, love, and memories.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any photos of Michael for the slideshow we are putting together, or if you have any questions.

Please share this message forward and repost it so we can be sure it gets to everyone who would want to be there. Hope to see you then!

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