Hot Tickets For The Holiday Weekend

Shut Up & Jam Tour

Shut Up & Jam Tour

With the Fourth of July weekend almost upon us, here’s one of the hottest tickets in town that do not involve fireworks and standing out in the open, staring up at the sky. Personally, I would much rather stand in front of a stage and stare up at a different kind of pyrotechnic display. Of course I’m referring to none other than Ted Nugent himself, playing at three different venues over the holiday weekend. Somehow, Nugent seems perfectly suited to America’s birthday. No, this is not a statement on my political beliefs, so put away the donkeys and elephants. Ted Nugent brings a totally American spirit to every note he plays, and when it comes to rock music nobody cares which way you’re voting, as long as you rock out.

So for a few hours this weekend, come out and celebrate America’s 140th birthday in the manner prescribed by our founding fathers, with loud screaming rock music, alcoholic beverages, and intimate venues!  Once again, my advice is to put away the charcoal and your weenies, and get out and see some live music.

The Motor City Madman will be performing at the following venues:

7/2 at The Rose in Pasadena
7/3 at The Saban in Beverly Hills
7/7 at The Canyon in Agoura Hills

Turn it up!

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