Ride For Ronnie: A Day Of Riding And A Day In The Park Rockin’ To Fight Cancer!

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All Photos for The Los Angeles Beat by Billy Bennight

The “Ride For Ronnie” started at Harley Davidson of Glendale on a sleepy Sunday, with the exception of some 300 plus bikers and metalers sipping on coffee, eating bagels and checking out all the bikes outside and inside of Harley Davidson of Glendale before the ride for this noble cause. Those in attendance of note were Tony Castriotta, Michael Beach, Al Coronel, Emilio Rivera, Sean McNabb, Gilby Clarke and Wendy Dio. Before kickstands went up, Wendy Dio spent some time remembering and speaking of Ronnie, with encouraging words for finding a cure for gastric cancer. Wendy closed her remembrance and comments by Rockin’ everyone with the sign of the horns. Around 11am everyone gathered at the bikes, kick stands were up and the Ride was on, headed to Los Encinos State Historic Park for the Ride for Ronnie concert.

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RFR Finish1I ran into Trina and John Hatfield just as the concert was revving up. John Hatfield’s up and coming band, Others, would have played with the exceptions of band mate Joe Colover whose visa troubles precluded them from hitting the stage that day. Wendy Dio and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor took the stage with a check for $25,000 for Dr. David Wong from the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund to further his research on a non-evasive and effective saliva test to detect gastric cancer in its early stages. The Ride for Ronnie raised $50,ooo towards early detection and a cure for gastric cancer.

The vibe at the concert was cool and casual as the bands rocked an ever-increasing audience as the day progressed. Booths with assorted merchandise, and where bands could meet and greet with their fans, lined the concert area. Fans sucked in the action from their pallets and on their lawn chairs as the Doctors of the Earth, Sonia Harley, Budderside, Gabbie Rae, Dio Disciples, and Lita Ford played with Great White closing the show. It was a good day of Rockin’ and a tribute to the contribution Ronnie James Dio made with his music and a great charitable effort to save others’ lives from gastric cancer. It was a good day to Rock out!

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