watt’s picture of the week – sunday, june 12, 2016


when my pop got his orders for us to move from virginia to san pedro here in california, I was nine years old and it was the summer of 1967. there was a navy housing on the other side of western avenue, across from the boneyard both d boon and charles bukowski now share. here’s a shot I took yesterday of where that navy housing used to be. it’s now obliterated to make way for beautiful tract housing proj. our pad was 27605 s samuel dupont – a street that no longer exists. you see that green dumpster in the center of the shot? that’s about where I played shortstop on a little league field the seabees built for us navy kids. can you believe there’s a fakelook page dedicated to a stroll down this memory lane? crimony.

photo by mike watt

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  1. Ivor Levene says:

    Is that where Bukowski ended up? I need to grab a bottle and pay my respects.

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