Movie Review: “Girl Flu” at the 2016 Los Angeles Film Festival


“Girl Flu” is a sweet, coming-of-age movie revolving around Bird, played by Jade Pettyjohn, and her relationship with her party hardy, weed-smoking mother Jenny, played by Katee SackhoffJeremy Sisto plays Jenny’s boyfriend, Arlo, who’s looking for something more substantial in a relationship than “F*ck Buddies” with occasional high-fives! Jenny is socially connected and beautiful with a daughter that is socially inept and feels she’s an ugly duckling.

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The story finds its nexus when Bird gets her first period at a school picnic in her grandmother’s special white jeans. The following days are focused on Bird’s finding herself and adjusting to a new familial relationship as the teenager starts the process of becoming a woman. All this drama and comic relief leads to Bird finding herself and Jenny coming to terms with becoming an adult and the mother that young Bird needs for this rite of passage.

This charming and somewhat unconventional tale has a wide diversity of female characterizations portrayed with distinctive style and depth, including earth mama’s, a lesbian couple, a grandma locked in enlightenment with an Indian ashram, fierce and intimidating cholas and a hippie mom. “Girl Flu” is a cute story that proves informative on many levels about womanhood and the feminine. “Girl Flu” is comedy and wisdom: it is well worth a watch!

Billy Bennight

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