Movie Review: “Sensitivity Training” at the 2016 Los Angeles Film Festival


Serena, played byAnna Lise Phillips, is a high energy research microbiologist with a no fuss unsentimental personality who heads the research at a microbiology lab to find cures for diseases. This story arises out of a conflict that between Serena and a very successful colleague, Dr. Laura Stern, played by Challen Cates. This leads to Dr. Stern’s unfortunate and untimely death. The incident causes Serena to be assigned a Sensitivity Trainer named Caroline, played by Jill E. Alexander. The ensuing conflict between the characters offers insight into urban living and dysfunctional humanity — with humorous results.

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Serena is a closed-off individual that uses the minimum means of expression and tightly monitors her emotions with acrid and chafing commentary. Her practice of being brutally frank with no finesse or reference to decorum is off putting to both her coworkers and lovers alike. Caroline is a human relationship counselor, dealing primarily with sexual harassment issue, is desperately looking for an escape from the routine on of witless male chauvinist she regularly encounters in her professional life.  Within the story-line there is lots of conflict, resolution and stalls as the characters develop. There’s the make or brake moment when all things seem lost, but both Serena and Caroline’s lives are forever changed after both share an epiphany of the stations in life, making them both better people. It’s a story that all of us can relate to. Sensitivity Training is very entertaining film written and directed by UCLA Film Grad, Melissa Finell, that proves to be both entertaining and cathartic for the characters and the movie’s audience.

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