The 8th Annual Hollywood Subway Zombie Walk is Tomorrow!

Photo by Andrew Bell (Used with permission)

Photo by Andrew Bell (Used with permission)

Have you started to feel like you are slowing down? Has your gait become uneven? Sudden craving for brains? If so, lurch on down to the 8th Annual Hollywood Subway Zombie Walk tomorrow. The mob of zombies will be meeting up at 4:15 at the North Hollywood stop of the Metro Red Line on Lankershim.

Please arrive dressed and made-up, or bring your necessities and arrive early; there will be some people prepping on the sidewalk beforehand. It is more fun if you get into character–slowly lurch forward dragging one foot, let your arms hang limply at your sides when they are not reaching towards a possible meal, and speak in gutteral zombie groans whenever possible. Remember: no touching the humans. Do not impede traffic. You should cross the street at faster-than-zombie speeds. Do not attempt to enter businesses that do not welcome you. No littering–if a finger or an ear falls off, pick it up. Everyone is responsible for their own body parts.

The zombies will disembark at the Hollywood/Highland station and make their way down the Walk of Fame to Hollywood and Vine, where they “loop back around…to mangle some tourists at Madame Tussauds by sundown. We usually crowd for a photo-op in the courtyard before the security double-taps us and at that point the walk is officially concluded.” MAP

4:15 at 5350 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, California 91601. If you cannot make it to NoHo, you can meet up with the group around 5pm at Hollywood and Highland. BYOB (Bring Your Own Blood).

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