CD Review: Dream The Electric Sleep – Beneath The Dark Wide Sky

electric-sleepI stumble into my apartment after a night of high bar tabs and low class gal shutdowns. There’s one Miller Lite in the fridge and half of a taco truck bean and cheese. As I lay down on the couch my dog Rowdy brings me the daily mail. “Dream The Electric Sleep”. Well, hell that’s what I plan on doing!

The ambiance sounds like a small theater. Place yourself wherever you feel like sitting. Every seat is great for this performance. The air in the guitars between the bass and drums is enough to make you want to swim without water. I think Jared Leto would be proud, but that’s another swimming lesson.

“Flight” brings on the feeling of October.  I’m wandering the streets of New York alone when listening to “Culling The Herd” and “All Good Things” makes me put a good book down. I keep staring at this girl’s number on a matchbook as “The Last Psalms To Silence” plays… should I call?

I think Dream The Electric Sleep is one of those bands that could be the soundtrack to your life… or at least one of your best nights.

Written by Micha Kite

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