My Experience for Desert Trip 2nd Weekenders

img_4062But for the cigarette/cigar/reefer smoke, this was the best concert I ever attended.

So I have the following pointers:

1. Be prepared for dust (and cigarette smoke); most of the concert workers wore bandanas on their faces to cover their mouths and noses. Sunscreen and hats are recommended.

2. They have real flushable bathrooms in the area in front of and near the photo exhibit tent.

3. There are various food areas towards back of venue, and to the right of the Big Screen. Some Vendors have square, but most wanted cash.

4. The merchandise line is long and slow. They have T-shirts, tote bags, bandanas, and blankets.

5. The ferris Wheel line seems longer than it is; expect about 25 min wait.



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  1. Candy Macy says:

    Best concert I ever attended! I just saw today that Roger Waters will be on tour and in Kansas City in May. I could get tickets in first five rows on floor for $1800ish! Nose bleeds were close to $200. So I guess this concert was a good deal!!

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