Scary Movie Alternatives for the Halloween Season: Oct 14th Tombs Of The Blind Dead

mv5bmja0mjqynzg4n15bml5banbnxkftztcwmdu0nzyzmq-_v1_sy500_sx355_Everyone has their staples for Halloween watching, like John Carpenter’s “Halloween” and “Nightmare Before Christmas.” But be forewarned, gentle reader, because your master of Scarimonies (God, I sound like the Crypt Keeper), Dukey Flyswatter, will suggest some gems and themes that may have flown drastically under your radar, like a schizophrenic Vampire Bat. 

This week’s theme is Horror Obscura: The foreign market. Most scream fanatic fiends will know these flickers from across the pond and beyond, but I’m always surprised at how many of these get the short shrift on the Devil’s A-List.

Friday Oct. 14th Tombs Of The Blind Dead. (The first entry of four in The Blind Dead Series) (1971)

Spain. Director: Armando Ossario. Stars: Lone Fleming, Cesar Burner, Maria Arpon.

Technically out of print, Amazon still has plenty of copies singly or in the Coffin-Shaped Box Quadrillogy. If you get The El Rey Network, keep your eyes on the lookout because they have cable rights to screen these films on their horror movie nights. In the movie, a small army of Knights Templar have been put to death by The Church for hoarding gold and practicing black magic. They are then left outside for the crows to pick out their eyes. Hundreds of years later, these mummified warriors are resurrected and seek warm blood to drink. But they are blind, you say? Well, don’t make a sound because if you are too frightened they can hear your heart beat and find you. Super creepy

Dukey Flyswatter

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Dukey Flyswatter, (AKA Michael), is a native Angeleno with strong roots in the underground scene since the 70's. He is a screenwriter (Blood Diner, Star Slammer), actor(Surf Nazis Must Die, Betty Page:Dark Angel, etc.), freelance writer. He is best known for his Horror Metal rock group, Haunted Garage, which he founded in the 80's and has now reformed, with him taking his usual role as lyricist and singer.
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