Donovan: A Great Concert That is Not in the Desert

Photo credit: Michael Collopy: Donovan Discs 2016

Photo credit: Michael Collopy: Donovan Discs 2016

Just in case you’ve decided not to get in your car and sit in traffic all the way out to the desert this weekend for Desert Trip, there are other concerts going on in and around Los Angeles, and they won’t require you to mortgage your house, nor will they require hours and hours of standing in line in blistering heat to watch the show on a big screen.

My money is on lengendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and ’60s icon Donovan Leitch, who is appearing at The Rose in Pasadena on Oct 7th, and at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills on October 8th.  Performing all of his hits, the tour, Sunshine Superman, promises to be one of the best shows not only of the weekend, but in general this year.  The tour is being billed as a “50th anniversary tour,” but Donovan has actually been out there touring since 1965.  In case you didn’t catch him recently, let me tell you his voice is just as strong and golden as it ever was, and the venues are perfect for his performance, given its acoustic nature.

So stop worrying about missing out on the “legendary lineup” out at De$ert Trip this weekend.  For a fraction of the price, you can see a legend in a much more intimate surrounding, and still be back at a reasonable time.

A percentage of the proceeds from the tour will support the “Donovan Children’s Fund”–a division of the David Lynch Foundation—which will help bring Transcendental Meditation to tens of thousands of at-risk students in underserved schools throughout the United States. For more information click here. Tickets for the show can be found at

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