Howlin’ Rays has Come to Town

Howlin' Ray's Chicken (Photo by Tequila Mockingbird for The LA Beat

Howlin’ Ray’s Chicken (Photo by Tequila Mockingbird for The LA Beat

Some like it hot! I know I do, and Howlin’ Rays makes chicken just the way you like it. The menu options are more like race car speeds than food. “Hot,” “Hotter,” “Mega Hot,” and “This is too mutherfacking hot for me but I gonna eat it cause its goooood.”

The LA Beat’s very first taste of Howlin’ Ray’s “Howlin’ Hot Chicken” was when their truck won the prize for “Best Nouveau Street Food,” and tied for “People’s Choice,” at the 2015 LA Street Food Fest. They were the first people serving Nashville Chicken in LA. Now a lot of people are doing it, even KFC, but Howlin’ Rays is the original.

Their brick and mortar restaurant in Chinatown is tiny, but outside there are picnic tables. There are also tons of people, new shops, new restaurants, and new things to explore post-gentrification.

Johnny Zone (Photo by Elise Thompson for The LA beat)

Johnny Zone (Photo by Elise Thompson for The LA beat)

Howlin’ Rays was created by Johnny Zone. It was named after his late father, Ray Zone, artist, Gallerist, 3D Aficionado, and gallerist. The place is run like a submarine crew. Discipline is the word that comes to mind. The wait there can be as long as two and a half hours for some people, but no one seems to mind. They’ve got the most exciting chicken in L.A., and it WAS worth waiting for.

My visit was special because I was with Johnny’s mom, artist Gail Zone. I had the Collard Greens. Best collards ever. The Chicken was robust and crunchy, the potato salad was nice and creamy. the waffles were doughy and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. They also have sweet tea, unsweetened tea, and lemonade to die for. I suggest you pay them a visit and get your grub on.

Howling Rays  727 N. Broadway Ave #128 Loa Angeles Ca 90012

Photo by Tequila Mocking bird for The LA beat

Photo by Tequila Mocking bird for The LA beat

Tequila Mockingbird

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