Malibu Bluffs Park Will Host ‘1,000 Butterfly Miracle’ Event on November 13th!

butterflyOn Sunday, November 13th at 2 pm, 1,000 living butterflies (all native to California) will be released in Malibu Bluffs Park, in honor of mentors and role models who make miracles in people’s lives. The event is part of the Emily Shane Foundation’s traditional fundraiser celebration and SEA (Successful Educational Achievement) Program, and will be hosted by celebrated film producer Michel Shane and his wife Ellen Shane, who are the founders of the Emily Shane Foundation.

Michel Shane has produced a long list of successful films which includes the Oscar nominated and multi-award winning Spielberg directed film ‘Catch Me If You Can,’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Michel Shane and wife Ellen received President Obama’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015 for their “lifelong commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer service.” Though the Emily Shane Foundation, the Shanes continue to carry on the legacy of their daughter, who was murdered (by a suicidal driver) in Malibu on the Pacific Coast Highway. The foundation encourages people to perform acts of kindness and good deeds for others.

The butterfly release event includes live music, art projects and games for children, butterfly exhibits and a silent auction (see list of prizes below). It’s free to attend, with a $10 donation to sponsor one butterfly.

Donations raised provide funding for individualized, intensive mentoring to struggling/failing middle school students in the mainstream classroom. SEA students are those who risk “falling through the cracks” and who could not otherwise afford much needed after school support.

Silent auction items:

1. Disney Land 1 Day Park Hopper for 4 people

2. Las Vegas Vacation: Two nights- Three day Stay at South Point Hotel Casino and Spa PLUS- 2 VIP tickets to Penn & Teller show at the Rio All Suite Hotel( ticket valid from Sun to Wed performances)

3. Roundtrip Airfare on Virgin Atlantic  from LA to London ( buyer must pay the tax $185.000 each ticket)

4. 5 Days 4 Night stay in Cancun  Laguna Suites Golf & Spa  or the Ocean Spa Hotel

5. The IO Theater has donated 10 passes (valued at $10 each) ( Must be 21 years or older)

6. Babouch Moroccan Restaurant has donated a gift certificate of $40.00

7.  A certificate for 4 for VIP seating at the Dr. Phil show, including parking on the Paramount Studio lot

8. A self-guided Colorado River Day trip in a canoe or kayak for 2 people from
Desert Adventures. (NPS launch permit not included)

9. Gift certificate for four tickets to “Once on this Island” from 3-D Theatricals at the either the Redondo Performing Arts Center (2/10/17 – 2/1917) or Cerritos
Center for the Performing Arts (2/24/17 – 3/5/17)

10. Laemmle Santa Monica Movie Theater – donation of 6 admit one passes
(no expiry date; not for special engagements)

11. A Noise Within has donated a gift certificate for two tickets of a performance at A Noise Within. Retail value: $130.00

12. Pacific Park, Santa Monica Pier- 4 unlimited Ride Wristbands

13. Fountain Valley Skating Center – 10 free admission passes

14. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West – two complementary tours – either for the the in-depth, three hour “Extended Insights” tour, or for a combination “Desert Walk” and “Insights” 90-minute tour of the main complex. A copy of the Taliesin West Interpretive Guidebook was included in the envelope

15. Red Jeep Tours and Events – gift certificate towards the purchase of a San Andreas Fault Eco Tour

16. Gene Autry Museum 6 VIP passes

17. Two vouchers each good for one admission Pacific Resident Theatre

18. Irvine Lanes Bowling: 4x $15 Gift Certificate

19. The Oaks at Ojai-Fitness Spa Day for Two Women

20. Sky High Sports: A family pack of passes

21. Panera Bread: Salad For A Year_ A free full sized salad once a month for a year.

22. Santa Anita Park: 4 Club House admissions and Valet Parking pass

23. Wheel Fun Rentals- Two, One Hours rental on any product

24. Go Kart World- Six free passes

25. Two- Private in Home Wine Sampling Experience up to 8 people, 2 hrs. 8 bottle of wine and consultant

26. A George Hurrell Stamped Photo of Norma Shearer

27. Punch Productions: An autographed Picture of Dustin Hoffman

28. Midnight Cellars Winery – Winery Tour and Barrel Tasting with winemaker+4 guests

29. The Pasadena Playhouse.  Any Main stage Production during the 2016-17

30. Sea Glass Fine Art Photography- Art for your Home or Office by Thomas Fallon0

31. Handcrafted Portraits- Portrait planning session, Portrait etc.. by Tomas Fallon

32. Elegant Portraits Heirloom Portraits by Thomas Fallon

33. Disney Land 1 Day Park Hopper for 4 people

34. $100 off for one Tandem Skydive must be 18 to participate

35. The Warehouse Restaurant- Sunday Brunch fro Two

36. Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts 2016/17 Season
Two Tickets to Performance of your Choice

37. Feb 13-19 2017 Genesis Open PGA Tour at Rivera Club House
4 tickets with access to any one day to the tournament with access to clubhouse

38. Tiny Prints – create a lasting impression with stylish cards and stationary

39. Online Shopping at America Giant, gift certificate to purchase anything on their website

40. AMC Theaters Santa Monica 7 – 5 passes

41. Lisa Hoffman fine Fragrance Jeweler Set: Earnings, Necklace, Bracelet, plus Fragrance beads     Value $195.00

42. Two tickets to the Fountain Theater; Any Performance

43. Redline Tours- Behind The Scenes tour – 4 tickets

44. Salon Centric Shampoo, Conditioner, hair treatment, Dry oil Treatment assorted products

45. Salon Centric Shampoo, Conditioner, hair treatment, Dry oil Treatment assorted products

46. Chick-Fil-A- 3 kid’s meals

47. Chick-Fil-A- 5 adult meals

48. Chick-Fil-A 5 desserts

49. Byington Vineyard & Winery – Tasting of 5 wines for 10 people. Tour the estate on a Sat or Sun with Win glass in your hand and learn about the history of Byinton and the Santa Cruz Mountains

50. Wyland Worldwide Ocean Calling Painting by Wyland

51. Gift Certificate towards purchase of a San Andreas Fault Tour by Red

52. The IO West Theater- 10 VIP Tickets to any performance (must be 21 yrs. old to attend)

53. Babouch Moroccan Restaurant 810 Gaffey St, San Pedro A fabulous dinner

54. 10 tickets to Comedy Sportz- is the longest running show in LA now in its 25th year

55. Las Vegas Vacation: Two nights- Three day Stay at South Point Hotel Casino and Spa PLUS- 2 VIP tickets to Penn & Teller show at the Rio All Suite Hotel( ticket valid from Sun to Wed performances)

56. Tahoe Donner Association: Two All day adult lift tickets to Tahoe ski resort

57. Pier 39 San Francisco family Fun Pack:  4 Blue & Gold Fleet Bay Cruise Adventure Tickets, 4 San Francisco Carousel Ride Tickets, 4 7D Experience Tickets, 4 Rocket boat tickets, 1 Savings Fun Pack with coupon for 2 hr.  Parking Validation for Pier39’s Parking Garage

58. Carl’s Jr. -10 Black Angus Thick Burgers, 10- 3-piece Chicken tenders. 10 French Fries, 10 Ice Cream, Shakes & Malts

59. Hardee’s Made from Scratch Biscuit Sandwich -10 coupons

60. Men’s  White Large Polo Shirt from Antigua

61. Antigua Grey Men’s Polo Shirt Extra Large

62. Stampin Up_ Children’s arts and craft activity center

63. Doubletree by Hilton San Diego- Mission Valley One night stay for Two. Two weeks notice needed to reserve room

64. Westin Monache Resort Mammoth: One night stay in Deluxe Studio with Breakfast for Two

65. Worldwide Theatrical Present the Broadway Musical Hairspray Feb 18, 2017 @ 8pm, California Theatre San Bernardino- 2 tickets

66. 4 midfield Tickets to any game during the 2016-17 season  Ontario Fury

Ellen Shane (the Executive Director and Co-founder of the Emily Shane Foundation) spoke with The Los Angeles Beat to discuss her daughter’s legacy and the foundation that bears her daughter’s name:

Ellen, would you explain how the Emily Shane Foundation offers “mentoring” to middle school students, and exactly who those students are who qualify?

The various schools or sites where we operate (4 in Oxnard, 1 in Malibu, 2 in Santa Monica, 1 in Culver City, 1 in South LA, 1 in Westchester and 1 in Pico Rivera) identify middle school students who fit our profile: struggling/failing and cannot afford any type of outside school support. These are the students who “don’t fit the mold” or would “fall through the cracks.”  They may learn differently, be below grade level in one or more subjects, have a language issue, or possibly a social or home life situation that is affecting their ability to be a successful student.

 The Emily Shane Foundation works with children who “learn differently” from the average student in middle school.  Please explain to our readers in what way/ways those students learn differently?  

Some children (like Emily) grasp concepts, but aren’t able to translate their knowledge to paper (the most common way that testing is done). Others don’t follow a teacher’s teaching style, and are too shy or uncomfortable to verbalize this during class, so they are lost and don’t understand the material. In addition to each person’s unique learning style (categorized by visual, auditory,and kin-esthetic) if a child is behind and the teacher is building on what is expected to be subject matter already covered and understood, that child will only be increasingly frustrated and lost.

Elaborate on how the students who participate “pass it forward” for each mentoring session received.

Our Foundation’s motto is “Pass it Forward.” The Emily Shane Foundation started as a website to encourage the performance of good deeds and acts of kindness for others, and to record them on our website. This was to honor Emily’s persona. When the SEA (Successful Educational Achievement) Program was created, we tied our motto into the Program. As the SEA Program is free to all who participate, the only “cost” to all our SEA students is to do one good deed for every single mentoring session they receive. We want the students not only to “Pass it Forward”, but our hope is that we will establish a socially conscious mindset in our youth. These children are the future, and we feel this is an important concept to live by.

Why did the Foundation choose to specifically mentor middle school students, rather than say elementary or high school students?

Emily was in middle school when she was killed (8th grade). Following her death, I went to her school and asked what support was available for a child who was struggling or failing, in the mainstream classroom, and unable to afford the intensive and individual support necessary. The answer was nothing.

Middle school is a critical time. If a child can receive the guidance and support needed to get up to speed, acquire the skills necessary to be a successful student (how to organize, how to study) and have a dedicated mentor/tutor who will understand them and how they learn and focus on all subjects where the child is performing poorly, then they will not only improve, but our goal is that as they enter high school they will be on a strong footing to maintain these habits. They will be able to cope and pass.

If they do not have this type of support, and are simply pushed ahead, they will enter high school rather lost, unable to cope and most likely they’ll find it exceedingly difficult to get caught up at that point.  Therefore, middle school is an ideal time to “catch” these students and give them the tools necessary to be successful. It is not “too late” (not that high school is, but by then it’s much harder).

Usually in elementary school, there is much more individual attention. The teachers know their students and often have contact and communication with parents, etc. Middle school is the first time the child is on their own.  As Emily was in middle school, I wanted to help children who were in this very same stage of life.

What’s been your greatest challenge/challenges in undertaking the Foundation’s practices within the Los Angeles Unified School System?

To be quite frank, I work outside the school system, as it was impossible to navigate the bureaucracy and red tape. I initially thought that the LAUSD would embrace and help support the SEA Program. I was naive! They actually made it impossible for us, as a newer nonprofit charity, to have the resources to navigate their system and afford their requirements. After reading so many articles in the papers and hearing on the news of how students (particularly those in more disadvantaged areas) are below grade level, have language barriers, are performing poorly on testing, etc. I was sure the LAUSD would welcome a free program (or as I said, even help fund it) to provide this unique and individual, much needed support to their middle school students who fit our profile.  I was wrong!

We do operate directly at one LAUSD charter school site in South Los Angeles.  At another LAUSD charter school we operate at a local YMCA that is down the block, but not directly at the school due to the requirements. We also do have a positive partnership with the Rio School District in Oxnard. They do not fund us, but welcome our SEA Program at some of their middle school sites.

Lastly, the SMMUSD (Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District) did embrace our SEA Program when we first began, for which I am grateful. We currently serve two schools in that district.

Lastly, you currently have a Kickstarter Campaign funding a documentary called ‘Probably Cause Harm’ (PCH) which will examine the 27 miles of highway that runs through Malibu.  What do you hope to achieve with the release of this upcoming documentary, and why did you choose to start a Kickstarter Campaign in order to fund it?

People need to be aware of the danger of driving PCH here in Malibu. Just this morning, two cyclists riding beside each other came upon a car parked in their path on the shoulder. Without warning, instead of stopping, the cyclist closest to the road just pulled out in front of my car. He made a hand signal, but I had nowhere to go. I would have hit him if I hadn’t slammed on my brake and pulled over into the left lane (thank goodness it was clear). This type of thing happens all the time.

I think Michel wants people to realize that the Pacific Coast Highway  is “Main St” in Malibu. If people would be more vigilant, watch speed limits, not stop short to grab a parking spot (or double park suddenly to grab a spot or look at the view) it could potentially save lives. That is our goal! Too many people die or are injured on this stretch of road all too often. We hope to save other families from the pain we now live with.

Ellen Shane
Executive Director
The Emily Shane Foundation
(213) 290-5441

WHEN: Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016
WHERE: MALIBU BLUFFS PARK – 24250 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265
TIME: 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Take a guest or a group!
FREE to attend

Fabulous silent auction (see item list above)





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