‘Siamese Sex Show’ A Wild, Wonderful Ride Into a Dystopian Future

Image courtesy of the Lounge Theatre

Image courtesy of the Lounge Theatre

“Siamese Sex Show,” the musical, is so good that I didn’t want it to end. From the moment the show started, I knew I was about to experience something very original and extremely fun. I was not disappointed.  

The show starts with the very funny M.C., Isaac Cruz, speaking to the audience and calling them “cocksuckers” as he gives them the finger. Don’t worry you will not be insulted or upset. The dude, even as he is insulting you, is charming and funny. It’s important to remember that this hip hop musical is a satire, and one that will keep you smiling from beginning to the end.

After Cruz’s diatribe is over for the time being, we meet the dancers known as “Members of the Board,” and with their killer performances the show really kicks off. The dancers include Dayna Alice Austin, Janelle Dote, Miki Holmes and Alyssa Noto. All of the dancers are absolutely outstanding, as is the rest of the cast. The choreography is also first-rate.

The story, which takes place in the future, focuses on the mysterious conglomerate Monocorp, led by the evil CEO, Keith E. Wright. Monocorp fabricates an epidemic targeting intimacy in order profit from an invention they came up with known as the Love Light, a safe new pseudo sex product that is guaranteed to give you multiple organisms. 

Meanwhile, at an underground ‘intimacy’ speakeasy called The Siamese Sex Show, four fallen pop stars, Malika (Clole Wyatt Taylor), Mr. Hadji (Riccardo Berdini), rapper Jamal (Seal Leon), and a mysterious woman who is not listed in the program (mainly because she isn’t what she appears to be), discover that they are being replaced  by robots. They gather to work together to plan their revenge against Monocorp.

 One of the robots, named Cherry, is played brilliantly by Erin Rye. She practically steals the show. She’s that good.  Julian Easton as Vivian, a spokesperson for Monocorp and the excellent Eddie Gutierrez as George O. Thornhill, a novice advertising man that’s hired to sell the public on the love light, are also right up there in their performances.

The book, music and lyrics, written by John Papageorge, include rap and pop music. Director Kiff Scholl manages to makes it all work. The costumes by Michael Mullen are a combo of glamour and spandex, which goes perfectly with the wigs and make-up created by Shelia Dorn.

This is a not to be missed show, so don’t miss it!

Siamese Sex Show is performed at the Lounge Theatre, 6201 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, and plays Friday-Saturday 8pm and Sunday at 7pm thru November 13th. For tickets call 323-960-7738 or go to the website. Ticket prices are $15-$30.00 

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