For Your Holiday Shopping – Sinatra Around The World

untitledJust in time for the holiday season comes a pair of classics (it’s actually a quad, two concerts on each DVD).  From Eagle Rock Entertainment, comes some classic Sinatra.  You may have seen some of these clips, like “The Main Event” but you have never seen them like this before. Lovingly restored, the clarity and sound on these discs is wonderful. Trust me, you haven’t seen these before like this.  I’m speaking of “Frank Sinatra at The Royal Festival Hall/Sinatra in Japan,” and “Ol’ Blue Eyes is Back/The Main Event.”

The Main Event was one of the late, great Jerry Weintraub’s first promotions.  He had the brilliant idea to take Frank to Madison Square Garden and put on a show that was like a boxing event, complete with the ring, Howard Cosell announcing, and the walk through the crowd to the ring.  It was broadcast on October 13, 1974 and it was the show that made the career of Weintraub, and was one of the most famous shows ever put on by The Chairman of The Board.  It also brought Sinatra into millions of homes via the ABC Television network.

The other performance on the disc is “Ol’ Blue Eyes is Back,” a show that put an end to his first “retirement” in 1971.  It was done in front of a studio audience, but it still had a live feel to it.  No lip syncing, no overdubs, just the man at home in front of an audience, no matter the size.

The second disc, “Frank Sinatra at The Royal Festival Hall/Sinatra in Japan” showcases Frankie at two of the most celebrated venues in the world: The Royal Albert Hall in London, and The Budokan in Tokyo.  One sees just how hip and cool Frank is when he performs “Something” by George Harrison.  Not that there’s any question that Sinatra was the embodiment of cool, and it’s displayed perfectly here.   The Budokan gig is wonderful even though it was nearer to the end of his storied career in 1985.  No matter, he still kicked ass!

Pick these up this holiday season for yourself or a lucky recipient!

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