Live Review: September Mourning Collect Souls In Newport

On Wednesday Nov 16 the Southgate House played host to the musical comic book, come to life of September Mourning as the Fall Soul Collection Tour came to Newport, Kentucky. Vocalist September and her fellow reapers Riven, Wraith and Stitch brought the L.A. born creation to the hallowed halls of Southgate, playing between stained glass windows and cathedral organ pipes. The human-reaper hybrid saving souls for a second chance in print while electrifying and enchanting audiences as the ghost-like vixen between realms performed in good spiritual company that night.

While her band mates pursue her through graphic art she walks side by side with them on stage. The flowing, angelic figure sang her siren songs to the dearly beloved, gathered together. The atmosphere complimented the stage and theatrics with many a spirit served.


September’s brood played the songs with bravado, praising the music as the evenings ethereal hostess appeared cloaked in black. Her white glowing face shrouded before the unveiling.

The garment fell as the gothic vision adorned in white-plated armor, wrapped in white and gold straps and by eternal job description, will be the last thing you see before you pass on, revealed herself.

September and Wraith

They played tunes from their new Vol II record. The feelings and emotions of the songs were painted through expressions and delivery as much as her hybrid colors as she celebrated and mourned the stories her mouth told and eyes reflected.

Guitars blasted into stained glass wall shaker “Eye of the Storm.” The night’s battle for worthy souls was underway. Multi-colored light enveloped and radiated off her bandaged attire and the black-clad scavengers banged out the backbone to the show. The basis of any living soul was “Skin and Bones” and September vocally shook them.


The eerie chords came to life as she danced with her black rose bouquet asking each mortal in the house to “Stand by Me,” when their time came to collect the dark funeral flowers. She went autobiographical singing and screeching out her story of near death with her exquisite beauty causing a reapers weakness giving hybrid hope to damned souls, “Before the Fall.”

Blessed are “The Collection” of spirits fighting their way back to life.  The pipes came out on “Angels to Dust” as she screamed to the heavens, loud enough for Fate to hear with nothing left to burn. They slowed it down, drawing out the emotion like jagged pieces of a shattered broken heart on, “Till You See Heaven.” The heart is mortal, the soul is eternal.

She introduced the band and parts of their story saying she uses her “Superhuman” powers for good, though always on the run. She encouraged all assembled to “Live Like you’re Alive” because you never know when you’ll close your eyes and wake up to your mortal evanescence and her guiding hand.

The room filled with the cool aura of a spirits presence. Hitting a metaphorically chilled “20 Below.” The “Children of Fate” closed the show calling out their song.


Images by Mike Ritchie

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