Don Most Plucks Cupid’s Proverbial Bow as Audiences are Struck into Submission by said Archetypal Arrow via His New Romantic Album “Mostly Swinging”!

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Aaah Valentine’s Day: What better holiday to take us on a journey from loss and longing, to the promise of requited love, to smitten persuasion and romantic occasion on back again than the currently released album celebrating love in all its varying states and vicissitudes than Don Most’s latest musical venture: Mostly Swinging!

Featuring all manner of romantic intrigue and translucence, the album explores everything from soul mate serendipity, the lull between lovers, the brunt of breakups, to spatial bankruptcies in the form of distance between paramours. Yet you simultaneously cannot even be sad listening to some of the more heavy, if you will, love songs on this set: An instant mood booster in all its modern-day, astonishing, ol’ skool, glory!

Lover Come Back to Me is an ostensible break up song or at the very least “I’m missing you” melody, yet  the most buoyant and effervescent one I ever did behold.  (Love Stinks by J. Geils it is not and frankly those boys could have learned a thing or two from Mr. Most and his swinging ways!!!—Evoke some positivity man!!!)

Blue Skies smile down upon us quite decidedly as the brass soars higher than anyone could ever imagine in said song– superseeding even the birds! And frankly, how they make such a majestic sound up above and beyond any sort of atmospheric air pressure is beyond me! 

Let’s Fall in Love evinces a kind of Tangoey/Samba essence —quite the original take regarding Mr. Most’s interpretation if I ever did hear one–to speak nothing of the velvet-voiced spoken serenade he bestows upon us all as an aperitif to the appetizer that is the brass solo before the song’s sumptuous summit that is our supper!

I Got it Bad—starts so lightly lyrical, then persists into a more pronounced swingin’ yet temperately lilting and delicious word play: “I got it bad and that ain’t good”—Yet in this harmonious tale of unrequited love, there is something hopefully joyous—like a ray of warm wishes surpassing even the sunshine!

Tender Trap possesses a flowing gentle undercurrent to its strong and steady rhythm reflective of the most swoon worthy of teddy bearish love traps!!!

After You’ve Gone is simply lusciously loungey!

And, lest we forget, the buoyantly romantic duet by the title C’est Si Bon—featuring a sassy Becky Martin released originally back in December to the titillation of many an ambient album anticipator, right on the heels of Mr. Most’s Christmas Album release: Swinging Down the Chimney Tonight!

Other songs include: Bewitched, Day in Day Out, Any Other Way, Clementine, and One for my Baby.

To procure the top brass in musical satisfaction just swing on over to Amazon or Itunes respectively for a more than mostly swingin’ time!!!

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