Book Review – “Party Like A Mock Star!” Have a Booze-Free Blast with No-Regrets Mocktails!

Last weekend at the launch party for “Party Like A Mock Star,” I watched all the beautiful people with cocktails hanging near the bar, and I started to wonder — were they faking it or were they drinking the hard stuff? So after attending the party on the Sunset Strip and sampling a few Mocktails, I could no longer take the fake; I downed a couple of potent Grey Gooses and started reading.

Zoe Robinette has published “Mockstar,” her first book, but I’m sure it won’t be her last. Robinette first came to my attention back in 2015 when she photo-bombed the red carpet at the Bill Shatner event, and I’ve been following her antics ever since, both on-line and in-person.

The book is a combination of a self-help/lifestyle/mixology manual, all while the author shares with us some of her frustrated love experiences, most of which she’s managed to turn into something that helps better her life. The main gist of the book is “the Mocktail”, a drink concocted to mimic the most fashionable drinks of the day right down to the little umbrella, except they are non-alcoholic. A Mocktail allows someone to look as though they are keeping up, fitting in, being wild, and many of the other results of this urban ritual, without actually losing control of one’s senses and faculties. And here’s where the book gets a little scary, as the reader finds himself doing a small bit of self-examination, and then starts to wonder how many “Mockers” there are out there.

Those little gears in my mind start to lock up and spin backwards when I stop to wonder how many mockers are out there, pretending to be drunk, making men think they have a chance with them? Or maybe they’re mocking it up, so they won’t make an inebriated decision, they want to decide who to take home with them from a sober standpoint.

If this book catches on, it could make hooking up much more difficult for a large sector of the population, let alone convincing the hesitant partner to get wild.

Smattered throughout the book are recipes that allow one to either practice making them or slip them to a bartender. Now from a personal standpoint, I can’t think of a world that I would want to live in that doesn’t have substances that cause effects that are diametrically opposed to everything in this book, but I’m not it’s target audience.

The trials and tribulations of the author are laid bare and she gives an up-front, frank and honest story of her dealings with the opposite sex. It’s a lot like “Sex and The City,” but much more informative. So while one might be tempted to label it a “chick book,” there’s a lot in there for guys, especially guys that are single and want to know every weapon the other team has in its arsenal.

Overall, a good read.  I’d recommend it with a fifth of Grey Goose…

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  1. Ivor thank you for the book review. Coming from a writer, this means a lot to me! I know you too are a musician, and photographer, also a man of many talents! Glad you came out to the book launch!

    Hey, you sneaked my photo-bomb story out! That’s okay, it was a fun time, thank you for your male ‘take’ on the book! Who knew it was such a war out there? Looking forward to seeing the book you have in the works out there for the world to read! Cheers to you!

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