Friday Night Concert: XTC on German TV 1982

Friday nights used to be a special time for young rock and roll fans in the seventies and eighties. In the days when not everyone had cable and VCRs, you had to get your music TV when it could be found. This often took place on Friday nights after Carol Burnette re-runs had finished on the local UHF affiliate, and if you were lucky you’d see see music videos, or even better, a complete concert, or at least a complete one-hour broadcast with commercials, of one great band. Those were the Fridays worth staying up late for, and in that spirit, we’ll be presenting some of our favorite complete shows from throughout rock history.

Here’s an hour-plus of XTC touring for English Settlement in early 1982, shortly before they stopped giving live performances. This tour never made it to LA – my friend Dean recalls being in the font row at the Palladium waiting for them to come on, before it was announced that they could not go on. So for Dean and everyone in the room with him, here’s a good quality capture of a show quite similar to the one you would have seen.

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