Weed Review: Futureberries by THC Design

Today, we are sampling a hybrid indica/sativa strain known as Futureberries. In other words, this grass strain represents something which is already pretty great — berries — and projects the positive effects that the passage of time is going to have on them. We’d all like to imagine a brighter tomorrow, yes? So think about how good berries are right now — how good does a nice, big bowl of ripe, sweet berries with a dollop of cream on the side sound right now? Well, dig it: in the future, it will be even better than that. This strain delivers its vision for the future, right damn now.

These idealistic aspirations into Tomorrow are just fancy talk. The lab reports that come with this bud from THC Design indicate a significant THC level of 24.6%, as high as any of the strains I’ve tested recently, as well as a measurably higher percentage of CBD and desirable terpenes. The beneficial parts of the plant are taking over — efficiency!

One other interesting futuristic aspect of this bud, for all its potency and beautiful appearance, it doesn’t give off much of a smell. So in the future/now, you can walk around with a few fruity nugs in your pocket without everyone on the bus fingering you and asking you to break out. What smell there is definitely resembles a dark sativa, rather than a skunky indica. The flavor is mild and smooth as a vanilla milkshake, mellow enough to pair well with anything.

As with all the products I’ve had from THC Design, the quality control is excellent, the buds packaged for optimal texture. They always grow such nice looking plants, and this batch is no exception. Like the Blueberry Dome that sent me to the couch last last weekend, this strain also features leafy greens coated with a million little crystals, and bright orange hairs. But the flowers themselves are quite dense, in classic sativa style.

As for the head – yes, indubitably. It’s a strong, heavy high that does all the things you would hope a futuristic hybrid would do — combine the best traits of things that already exist, into one thing. So with this you get the sativa energy rush and racing mind, plus the hypnotic indica effect. Depending on your mood, you can go creative/active or chilled out spectator mode, and the fuzzy head will go with you.

This was easily the most fun herb for racing Mario Karts that I’ve tried yet, placing me right in the center of the action. While response time slowed a little, I felt as if I could see the perfect path to victory more clearly and intuitively than usual, and I won three tournaments in a row. But I also wanted to see if the passive activity of listening to dub music could also be enhanced, and by golly, it was. I listened to this entire hour of Scientist sides before bed, imagining myself relaxing on the island, hearing it through the sound system pictured here.

So this seems to be the ticket whether you want to head to the hills and do stuff, or head to the couch and do head stuff. Active, passive, whatever. And truly, what could be more futuristic than limitless choice from a single purchase?

Final Rating: 57 out of 60 in the 150cc Banana Cup.

In other news, we also had the opportunity to sample THC Design’s pre-rolled joints of the very fine XJ-13 strain I commented on last week.The company certainly gets high marks for presentation and uniformity – each of the six conical cigarettes in the case was perfectly shaped, and dried to the right level for joint-rolling, ie, slightly drier than buds in the jar, but not as dry as kindling. They burned evenly and consistently.

I decided to drop in on my neighbors who play in a stoner-rock band, thinking they might have an interest in the topic. As it turned out, yes, they had a great interest in it and they were quite happy to see me. One of these joints was passed around the room before their band practice commenced, among four people including myself, and we burned up less than one inch of it before extinguishing it. Then, they went into a long, improvisational space jam. It did indeed sound stoney. They played for another hour before the joint was mentioned again, but every time they would start getting ready to light it up, they’d start talking about something else, and then someone would call out another song. They were literally too high to remember to keep getting high.

Eventually it was lit again and passed around, and again, it was put out after less than three times around the circle. The experience seemed to inspire the group for their last few numbers, and I hope you hear their next record on the radio. Hopefully they’re not too high to remember to record it.

If you’re someone who enjoys a good old-fashioned European cone joint, this takes the hassle right out of the process, with a pretty cigarette case as part of the bargain.

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