Weed Review: Speakeasy Dab Dispenser

In a previous column we gave high marks to the Speakeasy 710 vape pen & cartridge, which delivers a nice, controlled hit on demand. But we couldn’t help wondering, what about those occasions when you want to get a little bit OUT OF CONTROL?

Speakeasy was kind enough to offer us a 1 gram Dab Dispenser to try out, and it we found it to be perfect for those  occasions when the immediate goal is not just a pleasant, warm glow, but a numbing, icy brain freeze.

Some folks will tell you the only possible way to use a dab product is with a vape pen, or a specialty glass rig and a butane torch, which is simply not true. These may be the most efficient methods, or the way to get the biggest bang for your buck, I wouldn’t argue that point. But with no more than the usual accoutrements for weed smoking – a bong, and a pipe – I have been having a great time with this thing all weekend.

It’s the same 75% THC golden oil found in the 710 cartridge, but this allows you you to  just break the cartridge open and pour the contents all yourself, if that’s what you want to do. Or, more likely, pour out tiny micro drop hits over a bong load or pipeload. Some people like to drip it on joints, which seems like an inefficient use of the oil, as well as a sure way to get some sticky fingers. I mean, don’t kid yourself: you may end up with some trace amount of the stuff on your body before the gram is over, no matter how careful you try to be, but experiencing mind-melt like this is worth a couple of slightly sticky fingers. The stuff does wash off with water.

Heavy use of this dispenser over a long day is likely to alter the fabric of time and space. After firing up a droplet on top of a loosely-packed bowl a few times in succession, I sought out the stoniest music I could possibly find. As regular readers know from previous columns, I’d been on a dub reggae kick recently, but decided to seek out something that would resonate even more physically.

I ended up getting obsessed with the Throbbing Gristle album 20 Jazz Funk Greats as  the perfect soundtrack for the molecular-level disconnection I was going through, neither too friendly nor too horrible, just … very disconnected, like a transmission not getting all the way through. Sometimes you’re in the mood to not quite listen to someone who’s not quite getting through.

High-concentrate THC oil is a noticeably different high than smoking regular bud – more heady, and more flighty – and the ability to take a huge hit of it once in a while is a very nice novelty. I did observe that daily use of this product will increase your tolerance fairly rapidly. As such, it may not be something for regular use but rather, for to reserve for special occasions.

Final Rating: 18 out of 20 Jazz Funk Greats.

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