American Horror Story: Cult Looks Promising

The first American Horror Story, called “Murder House” was extremely popular, with “Freak Show” close behind. But during “Hotel” and “Roanoake,” the series seems to have been losing fans. When I asked people about the upcoming “Cult,” most of them said they had given up on American Horror Story.

I have to beg all of you to give American Horror Story another chance. I am basing this on one episode, it could still all fizzle out mid-season. But we are talking about one awesome episode! Set in the 2016 post-election zeitgeist of fear, the show runs rampant with the possible danger of Trump’s brazen followers. And clowns. The clown scenes are both hilarious and frightening. Pennywise has got a lot to live up to. The show even crosses seasons, because what would a clown season be without Twisty?

Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are at the top of their game as diametrically opposed archetypes; the terrifying and the terrorized. Yet pre-season marketing has suggested that the two will share “a love story for the ages.” So intriguing. Billie Lourde is mesmerizing as the seemingly rational yet totally fucked-up and evil Winter Anderson. So catch up with AHS:Cult ON DEMAND and set your for DVR for FX Tuesday nights at 10pm or the suspense will kill you.

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