Diana Rein One-Woman Tour Shares a Lady’s Blues

Diana Rein Solo courtesy of Doug Deutsch PR

Diana Rein, the Six String Siren, is bringing the Diana Rein One-Woman Tour to The Other Door in North Hollywood on Thursday, September 14. She’ll be following this up with a performance at the San Diego Veg Fest on October 1st. Diana, the driving force behind her hot collaboration with ace guitarist/vocalist Kenny Williams in the popular band Diana Rein and the Papermoon Gypsys (read about it in The LA Beat here), this time goes solo to perform her original songs the way only she can do them. Diana sat down with The Los Angeles Beat to talk about the upcoming tour.

Diana has become known for her hard driving blues, wonderful guitar work and a soulful, bluesy voice. Her latest album, Long Road, finished #96 in the Top 200 Best Blues Rock Albums of 2016 as reported by the influential Roots Music Report, while Diana was voted “Best Female Artist” for 2016 by the Doc’s Blues Awards. She was also chosen one of the “25 Artists and Bands who Made 2016 Rock!” in Rockwired Magazine’s year-end issue and won “Best Blues Artist,” “Best Female CD,” and “Fan Favorite,” as voted by the website, L.A. Music Critic.

Diana Rein Live performance, photo by sue Bustamante.

Diana Rein Live, photo by Sue Bustamante. Photo courtesy Doug Deutsch PR

Q: Diana, you’ve fronted bands for years. What’s the concept with a one-woman show?

A: There were so many factors that went into my longing to do a one woman band. Since my very start with music…I was a singer/songwriter with my acoustic guitar on the scene in Chicago…and even back then I had a porch board bass that I would stomp with my feet. I like playing in bands sometimes too, but there was always something missing for me. I’ve come to realize it was my deep need for creative freedom and making sure my songs sound the way that I want to hear them so that I don’t get really bummed while performing. If I finish a show and my mood is low instead of high….that’s when I know something is wrong. So whenever that has happened in my life when playing with bands….I had to get out. In doing the One Woman Tour….that solves my previous issues. I know the inner workings of all of the sounds that the audience is hearing and on a whim I can add more or take away….wherever the feeling takes me. I love that freedom.

Q: Long Road is a hard driving album. Will we be seeing tunes from it on the One-Woman Tour?

A: Definitely. I will be playing songs from Long Road as well as songs that I have written in the past and new songs that I am writing. I am not playing favorites. I have become more of a lead player with the recording of Long Road….so it definitely feels good to create that Rockin’ landscape with my one woman band setup as a foundation for me to just let go with the leads.

Q: Do you feel you can bring a unique perspective to your music by performing it solo?

A: I hope that it will allow people to really listen and really hear what the music is all about. Whether it’s just from being curious about how it all goes down, or because they can hear and relate to what I am trying to say, or maybe they dig a lead line I’m playing. I hope the perspective will be to fall in love with the artistry that goes into making music again. We live in a technologically blessed world…..and even though I absolutely love that I have the ability to make recordings in my home now, I am also grateful that I still get to go back to basics and manually adjust instruments and pedals with my hands and feet and make some noise!

The Diana Rein One-Woman Tour will be a great way to hear Diana’s repertoire in a way that only she can perform. Once you’ve heard her live, you’ll definitely be a fan of this talented lady.


Diana Rein One-Woman Tour

The Other Door

Thursday, September 14

10437 Burbank Ave.

North Hollywood, CA

Showtime: 8:00pm. Tickets: $5.00

Info: (818) 508-7008


San Diego Veg Fest

San Diego Central Library (in Downtown’s East Village)

330 Park Blvd

San Diego, CA

Tickets: $10.00 for Night Market

Full day pass for day fest and night market $48.00 

Event Phone Number: 619-236-5800

Diana Rein’s Website








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