Feed Your Head: Advice On Smart Edible Dosing From Tomer Grassiany

When retail recreational weed for adults in California arrives in January, a lot of people who have never before eaten marijuana, other than maybe their college roommate’s gritty, awful-tasting pot brownies, are going to have their minds blown. The quality and variety of intoxicating food products on the market today is already dizzying, and seems likely to expand, as long as regulations allow it. Some high end chefs are already embracing the concept and offering private dinners themed around their cannabinoid creations. Weed’s  bad-taste reputation is sure to be challenged more than ever in the coming year.

But on that sweet day when you find yourself like a literal kid in a candy shop, be careful not to overindulge.  You need to stay informed about how much you’re taking, and know how much is likely to be right for you.

You can’t use the food itself as a gauge for what constitutes indulgence: one chocolate bar could turn out to be about the right amount, or it could be enough to send eight people to Mars. And because it takes some time for the full effects to be felt, you might not know whether you’ve gone one chomp over the line, Sweet Jesus, for some time.

We talked to Tomer Grassiany of To Whom It May chocolates and The Art Of Edibles about how novices can find the right dose, get the most out of their product, and pick one that will simultaneously please their taste buds and mess with their mind mud, in just the right amounts.

I have sometimes found in the past that using edibles was kind of challenging. There seemed to be a fine line between “not enough” and “too much”. If I’m walking into the store to buy candies for the first time, without knowing a lot about what the numbered milligram measurements mean to me personally, is there any sort of general guideline? And does that change based on whether or not I’m also smoking regularly at that time?

We created a guide that helps makes sense of the numbers:

Unfortunately these numbers are not written in stone, and depend on each person’s digestive system and metabolic rate.

I have a friend who grown and smokes every day, he’s about 5″5 and weighs 200lbs, and he loves the 2.5 mg, and always says it’s the perfect dose for him.

If I want to get the most out of my edibles, is it better to take them on an empty or full stomach?

You will feel more of the effects if you eat something right after eating the edible.

Cannabis maximizes the bio-availability when it is absorbed in the large intestine, and eating something after the edible will help “push” the edible down to the intestine quicker, and maximize the effects.

How long is it advisable to wait before deciding “that’s not enough” and taking a little more?

If this is your first time, it’s best to wait for another day. Everyone reacts to edibles differently, and a slow metabolism can cause a delayed response.

For experienced consumers, 2 hours is a good interval.

What are some of the flavors that generally pair well with the natural cannabis flavor?

Chocolate and hints of alcohol do a good job at bringing out good flavor and masking the bad “earthy taste”.

A big part depends on the edible itself, and the way it was infused (IE the type of concentrate / oil used).

Should one find oneself in a situation where one has eaten too much, is there anything besides time that can bring relief?

CBD can help counter the effects of THC, so having a CBD tincture or a CBD vape pen on hand are always a good idea.

What do you see on the horizon for edibles in 2018, what’s the next big thing people will be talking about?

We will probably see many smaller edible manufacturers phase out and stop producing, as the cost of a licensed facility will be too high for most.

Also, the last proposed regulations (which were rescinded) had a long list of prohibited ingredients: coffee, alcohol, dairy, meat, fish, anything frozen, or perishable baked good, which if stands, would greatly limit the legal edible options.

Having had the chance to sample Fully Baked Ice Cream, we sincerely hope the proposed prohibition on products both frozen and coffee-based dies in committee!

We thank Tomer for his time and encourage you to check out his fine products at the Art Of Edibles website. You’ll be able to sample them at the next edition of Stand Up And Take Your Clothes Off!, a combination of standup comedy, burlesque dancing, and extensive weed sampling from purveyors of pot itself, grown both indoor and out, as well as a variety of concentrates and edibles. We reviewed the show this spring, and had the opportunity to check out a later edition which was even more on-point and noticeably more populated. Advance purchase definitely recommended.

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