One Door Opens but Another Closes: Original Twohey’s in Alhambra to Close in February 2018

Photo Courtesy of Twohey’s Restaurant.
The original landmark restaurant in Alhambra has lost its lease and is to close February 1, 2018.

UPDATED 12-16-2017:

Legendary Twohey’s of Alhambra will permanently close its doors at the beginning of the year as the restaurant’s lease was not renewed. The restaurant and its mid-century modern styled building and interior ceiling lamp decor, cozy beige circular booths, acrylic encased vintage model cars and dozens of historical photographs of the 1950’s era will close February 1st, 2018.

The restaurant’s owner Jim Christos and family recently opened Twohey’s Tavern in Pasadena just in time for the holiday season, an updated modern take on the original with an upscale menu that retained some items from the original, such as the updated Stinko 2.0 Burger, onion rings, and fries.

The original Twohey’s had also just recently celebrated a milestone anniversary. The popular Alhambra family restaurant has been serving up Americana favorites and comfort food—like the Stinko Burger so named for its caramelized onions and house garlic sauce—along with other favorites like their famous hot fudge sundaes, for 75 years.

Twohey’s opened in Pasadena in 1943 by then-owner Jack Twohey on Arroyo Blvd. It then moved to the current Alhambra at the Huntington Drive and Atlantic Boulevard a decade later. At one point the landmark restaurant boasted over 300 menu items, but recently it pared down the menu and raised some prices after its recent anniversary.

“After 75 great years, the original Twohey’s Restaurant will close its doors on February 1st, 2018. Sadly, our lease cannot be extended, so with much regret, we must say goodbye,” said Christos in a press release where he thanked the City of Alhambra, patrons, family, friends, and staff for their support.

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4 Responses to One Door Opens but Another Closes: Original Twohey’s in Alhambra to Close in February 2018

  1. Linda Trevillian says:

    You can’t call the current Twohey’s building mid century because it was built in the 1970s or ‘80s to replace the former, smaller building that had a small dining room and counter and a thriving drive-in area. Twohey’s will try to reopen nearby if a suitable location can be found, according to the LA Eater article.

  2. Linda Trevillian says:

    According to the LA Eater article, Twohey’s will try to find a place to relocate the restaurant. The current building (which was preceded by one that contained a small dining room with a small counter and a large drive-in area) is not mid century. It was not built until the 1970s or

    • Kathleen says:

      I went to the drive-in right after getting my license in 1977 and to the new restaurant during my senior year in 1979, so that’ll give you an idea of when the new place was built.

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