Weed Review: Black Haze By Legacy Strains

Legacy Strains has been producing indoor bud in and around LA for the last ten years. Initially founded as a resource for cancer patients, they primarily specialize in sustainable production of classic, well-known strains such as Gorilla Glue #4 and Sour Diesel, without the use of harmful pesticides, fungicides and growth hormones. The self-evident quality of their work – the look, smell, taste and therapeutic effect – speaks to the diligence of their cultivation process.

In case you’ve ever wondered, for example, “why would someone name a type of pot after Gorilla Glue”, you should try LS’ tale on it. While breaking up the bud into pieces small enough for the pipe, it will stick to your fingers so tenaciously, that some effort will have to be made to coax it into the bowl. I was so impressed, that I took the following photograph, after having fished my phone out of my pocket, and hastily arranged a tableau with the LS jar, all while these budlets were clinging tenaciously to the fingers of my left hand. They seriously stuck there for about a minute while I set up the shot. Had I not removed them, I believe they would be hanging there still.

It reminds me of those commercials for Krazy Glue where they would glue a guy’s hard hat to a beam and them lift him off the ground with a crane. It’s not a problem, I wouldn’t criticize it for being “difficult to smoke,” but nevertheless. damn! That is some seriously sticky weed!

In case you were wondering, it also tasted delicious, and got me very, very high. It’s a potent and appealing specimen of a popular strain, locally grown without harmful chemicals. They are ticking off a lot of my boxes here.

However it was a custom strain of theirs called Black Haze that really caught my attention over the holidays. Black Haze is a hybrid that combines Cantaloupe Haze and Blackberry, that you won’t find elsewhere. Look close beneath the copious white crystals and orange hairs studding the leafy greens, and you’ll see black clusters sticking to the stems – not hairs, but honest-to-goodness black flowers. Now that’s something you don’t see every day. I remember one of the metal girls at my high school opining about how badly she wanted her fantasy boyfriend to bring her a black rose, which has created this impression in my mind about black flowers being a rare, precious thing ever since.

I can’t be certain that these unusual colors are produced by the same compounds that give this bud its anise-like flavor, or its forehead-centered, exceptionally pleasant high. But I’d like to think so. Because this strain is indeed something special.

Black Haze is a true hybrid, combining the relaxing, insulating effect of a good indica, and the fully-awake, racing mind that comes from strong sativa. Like a brilliantly crafted Meritage blend, it can take its different aspects to extreme levels, but always maintains that precarious balance. This is when we’re having fun – riding on the sativa’s razor edge, then feeling the indica kick in to take that edge right off.

Racing Mario Karts on this stuff was a giddy and fully tuned-in experience, with near-perfect scores and new shortcuts identified after ten years of playing this stupid game. But it goes to show you, sometimes smoking weed makes you think about familiar things in a whole new way, and if you’re paying attention, you might discover something that’s been right in front of you this entire time.

As for musical inspiration, this bud had me craving something that went just as far-out in multiple directions at once. I settled on this favorite album by Funkadelic, which combines their spaced-out mythology with Southern backwoods funk, doo-wop harmonies, bathroom humor and searing hard rock guitar solos. And they have a very fine electric guitar player whose name happens to be Eddie Hazel, and who, further, happens to be a black guy. If life just too fucking perfect sometimes or what?

Based on the available evidence, I would say Legacy Strains earns a spot among the finest grow operations around, and this Black Haze variety is a reason to seek them out by name. With the coming of the new year, there are certainly going to be options for the discerning pot buyer, and I think it will be wise to give preference to those farms that have already shown consistency and quality supplying their medical users.

Final Rating: Twelve out of fifteen roofs torn off the mother, sucker.

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  1. BLACK haze says:

    NEED to NO more wat I read is helpful

  2. Erik says:

    Meritage to Mario kart! Thanks for the review, and love the word smithing!
    Just ran across this today, and appreciate the great review!

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