Fifth Annual Grand Park + The Music Center’s N.Y.E.L.A.

All photos by Andrew Bell for The LA Beat

Thousands gathered at the 5th annual free New Year’s Eve event in Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles to celebrate the arrival of 2018. Security was tight; cops were around the vicinity to ensure order, and security guards checked bags at the Hill Street entrance. Just like last year, it was a cool night in the crowded park, so everyone dressed warmly. People enjoyed activities like taking pictures at the photo booth, as well as the live music from both stages. Such acts as the Dexter Story All-Star Band were rocking the stage before and after the countdown. People were rocking to the performance while cuddling up with their significant others.

The countdown was projected on city hall, as well as projections of animated dancing people. The animated projections moved around the building, in an impressive light display. Everyone shouted in celebration as the magic hour arrived and the new year sprang in. Everyone was happy as they wished one another a happy new year. After the countdown, people started leaving, while others continued to enjoy the live jazz.

The energy of this event and the friendliness of everyone makes me feel proud to be a part of Los Angeles. May next year’s party be just as awesome, if not better!

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