Photo Essay: A Very Weirdos Christmas by Cat Rose

John Denney of The Weirdos. All photos by Cat Rose for There’s Something Hard in There. Used with permission.

By Andy Nystrom. First posted in There’s Something Hard in There.

A blast from the past — and a proper kick into Christmas and the New Year.

That’s what we grasped onto with The Weirdos, Saccharine Trust, The Great Sadness and Leaf Blower on tap Dec. 23 at a first-rate outdoor gig in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District.

Red Channel Radio’s A Very Weirdos Christmas extravaganza also featured DJs Keith Morris and Pete Weiss. Bonus points go to the cheerful barkeeper, whom we dubbed REO-SquireWagon to match his bushy hairdo. Also, you can’t beat having Germs drummer Don Bolles making the scene.

It had been a while since we checked out bands in DTLA, having attended gigs at Al’s Bar what seemed like eons ago. This sprawling arts space was the perfect backdrop for the gritty tunes of some of our old and new favorite bands.

Here’s Cat’s photos from the night:

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