Reports from NAMM, Part II – Dynamos

While I was wandering around the Anaheim Convention Center in search of something else interesting (see my previous post), I came across something else that caught my eye and then later caught my ear.  How I ran across this, I can’t remember, there is so much to take in at NAMM, both visually and audibly.  Seeing as I’ve devoted myself to covering female-led bands and female artists in the past few weeks, this band stood out.

The band is called Dyanmos and is also out of Orange County and is led by a real dynamo  by the name of Nadia E., and one look at her makes it easy to see where they got the band name.  They have a very dynamic sound, and in today’s age where you need a look, they have that too, but it should be and is all about the music here, and it is. They aren’t just another “eye candy” band and they’ve got the chops to prove it!

The band’s lead vocalist Nadia E. grew up in New Jersey, had a background in Opera, and lists Amy Winehouse, Nirvana, and Otis Redding amongst her biggest influences.  The band is composed of  Nick Schaadt (music director, bass), Jacob Mayeda (guitars),  Ian Nakazawa (drums percussion), and Carlos Barrera (guitars).

The band debuted it’s first EP in 2017 and yesterday dropped the single “Knowledge” after having released a video and alternate take of the song last week.  I’ve been following the success of the band for the past few weeks and I would recommend you have a listen and a look.  More information on the band can be found at:


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