watt’s picture of the week – tuesday, march 6, 2018

yesterday I got a shot of the beginning of an ending here in my pedro town: good bye to ports o’call (what we used to call it – I guess the official name was ports o’call village) which was always kind of trippy to me since I came here from virginia cuz why would would a real fishing town (the u.s. tuna industry started here) need a little fake fishing “village” (and why the fuck “new england style” ??!) but I came to like the pad in a way. the story of this pad goes back to 1963 but it’s days are numbered – everything but the san pedro fish market is boarded up… well, there’s still some fights – one example is the ports o’call restaurant BUT what’s next? the san pedro public market – man, I hope it ain’t like other so cal “redevelopments” that ended up mershed-out and douched-up lame jived dumps filled w/nothing but shill. nobody needs that, especially my pedro town.

photo by mike watt

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  1. Deb Frazin Deb Frazin says:

    This makes me so sad. My grandparents used to take me to Ports o’ Call when I was a kid.

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