Palm Springs Animal Shelter Honors Iconic Actress and Activist Tippi Hedren with “Friend for Life” Award as Accepted by Barbara Eden!

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On Saturday April 7th The Palm Springs Animal Shelter bestowed its Friend for Life Award on one of Hollywood’s premiere animal activists and exotic cat rescuers (most famous for having been terrorized by birds): Tippi Hedren. Fostering a concern for freeing wild cats held in captivity, who better than Roar Foundation president and founder, (to speak nothing of proverbial “den mother” to roughly 60 some-odd cougars, leopards, lions and tigers) Hedren to carry that mantle?

The ceremony, given to extensive celebration and circumstance, was held in conjunction with that of the Palm Spring’s Animal Shelter’ Faux Fur Ball IV.

On hand to accept said award on Hedren’s behalf, none other than Hedren’s friend, colleague and fellow cat enthusiast Barbara Eden aka Jeannie of I Dream of Jeannie fame!!!

Photo Courtesy of BHBPR

“Ms. Eden graced us with a moving acceptance for our Friend for Life Award on behalf of Ms. Hedren. The room was silenced by the heartfelt letter from Ms. Hedren she read to our Shelter’s animal-loving audience about the big cats she dedicates her life to saving through the Roar Foundation. She drew the touching connection between our common animal life-saving mission with Ms. Hedren, from the big cats she works to save, to the house cats we work to save.  Our room of 500 animal-loving attendees were on their feet with applause. We can’t thank her enough for the gracious appearance and how much it helped us raise even more awareness and dollars in this common mission.” enthused Tamara Hedges, Board President of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter.

Hedren’s Friend for Life Award comes honestly. Having harnessed awareness of the plight of captive exotic cats commencing in 1969, in the midst of shooting two films in Africa, she was moved to not only cultivate recognition for the predicament of these magnificent creatures but also produce her own film regarding it. A labor of love, Roar (circa 1981) took nearly eleven years to come to fruition. From there, she would go on to continue her work by fostering The Roar Foundation her very own non-profit organization. Established in 1983, The Roar Foundation would, in turn, help sustain Acton’s 80 acre Shambala Preserve and so would commence and endure Hedren’s powerful, and steadfast quest to save captive wildcats the world over!!!

A perfect pairing considering Palm Spring’s Animal Shelter’s no-kill policy, this yearly event boasts the most lucrative success the Coachella Valley over, to perpetual sold out appeal!

To find out more about Ms. Hedren’s Roar Foundation and The Shambala Preserve, please click:

For more information on The Palm Springs Animal Center, please visit:

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