The Unbearable Loss of Mr. Peck 1952 – 2018

Henry Peck at Vinyl Fetish. Photo by Ava Povraznik.

I am sad to report the death of one of our favorite denizens. On Saturday, May 5, 2018 Henry Peck passed away from liver cancer at the age of  67.

Henry Peck, at the Veil at the Cathay de Grande in Hollywood, Ca., 1981 Photo by Ivy Ney.

Henry Peck was a hairdresser at Goo on Fairfax. He was a man who loved music, hosting the first wave of punk and New Romantic movements in his record store, Vinyl Fetish, where he had in-store events and at the nightclubs he with his partner, Joseph Brooks, called the Fetish Club and The Veil.

The Fetish Club was at what is now the Hollywood Athletic club. It was called the Berwin Entertainment Complex then, and I was a waitress there. All the goth stars played there;
it was the home of punk’s early Goth scene. I met Johnny Rotten’s little brother, Martin there.  He said that Johnny read all my letters.

Everyone loved Henry. He was a fixture on the LA scene. He was a loving friend and a partner-in-crime; he was always the hippest person in the room and his knowledge  of music was astounding. I have known him for 39 years and some change. Now I am writing his obituary. It seems impossible to speak of the love he gave our city and the love that it gave back.

He called us all together not too long ago and told us he was going to India. I prefer to think that is where he is now. He is and always will be missed.

As per his wishes, his ashes are being sent to India. Information on a memorial is forthcoming.

Henry Peck Selfie at La Belle


Tequila Mockingbird

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4 Responses to The Unbearable Loss of Mr. Peck 1952 – 2018

  1. Andre lambert says:

    RIP Henry Peck

  2. Zap Barreau says:

    I hung out at vinyl Fetish so much! Henry and I talked a lot back then. He will be missed!

  3. Rich Monday says:


  4. John Morgan says:

    I just heard today. oh henry 🙁 he cut my hair for the last 20 years. i’ve only really known him from my vantage point in the chair. such a sweet and funny guy. he was so humble that he never spoke about his past to me in detail. we always talked music and movies but I never knew his place in the LA scene. i’m happy his ashes are going to india. he was so thrilled when he came back from there the first time. bye henry. see you in 50? years? please put my name on the list at the door.

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