Pssst. Wanna buy a rocket?: Hitchhiking to the Stars

CTO & Founder Roderick and CEO Randa Relich Milliron, Interorbital Systems. (Photo courtesy of Interorbital Systems/ Randa Milliron)

In today’s world, rockets are the new transportation model. Flying cars might be the next big thing but why not go all the way? Interorbital Systems can get you into space in a jiffy. This company is founded by gothic space punks of 1980’s to 90’s band H-Bomb White Noise Rod and Randa Relich Milliron. Together they create satellites and all manner of space junk for advertising and special clients.

Randa tells The LA Beat their story.

“[Rod] was hitchhiking on the University of Pittsburgh campus; I was driving through, going to my professor’s house, and I decided to pick him up—something I would not usually consider doing,” she said. “Soon after we met, I introduced Rod to electronic music through Pink Floyd and the Germans at the forefront of the movement: Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk. He was immediately hooked—said it was like Mathematics. He signed up for an Electronic Music course and we began haunting the University’s electronic music lab on a daily basis. FAB Putney, modular Moog, and a large studio ARP synthesizers. Strictly analog. Creating sound from the current up. Very romantic!”

“No standard proposal scenario—it was a mutual decision. We started the rocket company, Interorbital Systems, and our Moon colonization organization, Trans Lunar Research, in 1995 while working with the Pacific Rocket Society and making our first rocket engine. Our CyberPunk Industrial band, H-Bomb/White Noise, was started by German MDK (Mekanik Destruktiw Komandoh) members George Keller and Ulli Radke. We joined them in 1986. We last played together in former East Berlin factory/club WMF in 1994. I directed this video and produced it with George for my underground music show, Ground Zero.”

H-Bomb White Noise – Spared Generation. Randa Milliron and Produced by Randa Milliron and George Keller for the series Ground Zero.

They wear black jumpsuits and are themselves art and fashion FUTURE.

They have an installation in the Mojave desert, so you can contact them for all your space needs at:

Tequila Mockingbird

About Tequila Mockingbird

Tequila Mockingbird has been a longtime fixture on the LA music scene. Her first band was "Trouble for Nora" with Mitch Mitchell of "The Jimi Hendrix Experience." She sings with Jeff Goldblum and you can catch her show Saturday nights at Canter's. She is also a promoter, actress, writer and inventor. Her company, Do Monkey Productions, booked the historical punk rock TV show, "New Wave Theater." She has been published in Buzzbin Magazine and has a regular column in Rock City News. Recently she has created Tequila Tattoo Cream and opened The Punk Rock Museum to bring old friends together for art, music , and culture. It is located at KGB studios and curates special events all over Los Angeles in Pop up form. The museum has also contributed art to Pershing Square and Tequila hopes to curate more events for the city that she loves.
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