Pole Show LA 2018: What Did That Look Like?

Pole Show LA 2018 at the Avalon Hollywood, Saturday, May 12, 2018. (Photos by Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat)

The Pole Show LA always puts on a remarkable and rapturous show. So I was primed for an evening of aerial acrobatics and burlesque naughtiness that inspires me with awe for these athletically gifted dancers and captivates my eyes with sensational original performances. Bonnie and I started the evening off with the exclusive champagne reception and perused the vendor tables of delicate and seductive goodies, such as, Glory LABeSpunHella Good Babes and First Glance Lashes. Once the theater of Avalon Hollywood open we settled in at our table ready for the night’s entertainment by a set of accomplished dancers.

Jenyne Butterfly at Pole Show LA at the Avalon in Hollywood on May 11, 2018.

Soon after we settled in at our table, Leigh Ann Reilly–Pole Show LA hostess and Owner/coach of Bespun–opened the show and hosted the evening festivities by introducing the various pole artists, additionally performing herself later in the evening.

The house was full and ready to bust when the bunnies hit the stage and then settled down into the floor to mingle and warm up the audience. After the bunnies swung, swayed and frolicked in their skimpy two pieces among us, and crowned with their plushy rabbit heads, the show started in earnest with Estefania. The energy remained high for the majority of the show with some of the highlight performances by Brynn Route, and Nadia Sharif and her dark goth inspired spider dance, Chicken was a lighthearted high energy joyride revolving around chickens and twerking, along with Jenyne Butterfly‘s stunning performance! While all the performances were fanciful and joyous expressions of dance, the one’s mentioned above caught my attention for their dancing abilities and costumes.

The evening closed out with a free-for-all where over 30 dancers descended on the stage for a wild massive boogie, with two large white plushy teddy bears, getting their freak on amidst blasts of confetti exploding from small canons which rained down on the cast and audience. It was such fun and I’m looking forward to Pole Show LA next year!

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