watt’s picture of the week – friday, may 4, 2018

monday I had to go to parts north of my pedro town and as the harbor freeway was putting me onto the hollywood one, a quick look east surprised me to see what I thought all these years was a huge ‘puter building was getting tore down (you could see big hunks getting pounded out the sides w/piles of stuff all around). now we’re talking about going back to the days when I went to my first gigs regarding the punk movement… I “assumed” it was a big ‘puter building cuz I saw no windows in the top five stories. when I tried find out what was getting tore down later using the web was it was just an office building w/parking in those five windowless floors and offices below. like my pop used to say, “when you assume, you make an ‘ass’ out of bout ‘u’ (you) and me” – get it? he was right. all these years and I just fucking assumed. I found it’s getting tore down for this clusterfuck suckhole – big surprise.

anyway, I had to drive this way to visit tony 19, a beautiful man who was a gigantic inspiration and hero to me since I first saw him in the dils in the late 70s. right then I wanted to grow up to be him. we lost him this morning. a terrible blow.

photo by mike watt

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