Glitter Trash and The Dogs at The Redwood Bar 7.13.18

Photo Credit: Deb Frazin

Back in the 60’s, the seeds of punk rock were sprouting in Michigan. A big part of that proto-punk scene was a 3-piece band called The Dogs. Formed in 1969 by guitarist Loren Molinare and Mary Kay, the band played many shows around Michigan and the Detroit area with other proto-punk bands such as MC5, The Rationals, and The Stooges. The Dogs recorded exceptional music that has stood resilient against the test of time. 40 years later, and their music still sounds as fresh and rocks as hard as any Stooges album. The songs are solid.

Thankfully, guitarist Loren Molinare, bassist Mary Kay and drummer Tony Matteucci are still together after all these years, and these Detroit legends are still blessing us with amazing shows. I never take this for granted, so I always make sure I’m there to soak up every second of their live shows here in L.A.

Last night, “In Fuzz We Trust” hosted one of the greatest shows of the year: The Dogs and Glitter Trash (Loren plays guitar in both bands). Glitter Trash is fronted by the extremely talented transgender singer Jenna Talia. Jenna stands (i’m guessing) about 7 feet tall, hails from Detroit, and is one of the wildest performers I’ve ever seen.  On stage she’s fun and rowdy with a sense of humor, and possesses a powerful voice. The chick is 100% rock star. Glitter Trash is one of my favorite L.A. bands. If you’re looking for a new kind of kick, then Glitter Trash is the band for you.

The Redwood Bar was packed with a lot of familiar faces last night. Everyone in the scene knew this was the show to be at on Friday the 13th. The bands were loud and fierce, and they just about blew the roof off of the bar. Glitter Trash hit the stage and tore it up real good, then The Dogs came out and SLAYED. They started the fire with their classic “Sleaze City”, then the fire grew bigger with songs like “Motor City Fever”,”Fed Up”, and “Slash Your Face” then they brought the house down into a pile of ashes with “John Sinclair”. After the show was over, and everyone cleared out, I could have sworn I saw scorch marks all over the walls.

Deb Frazin

About Deb Frazin

Deb Frazin is a photographer based in Los Angeles with a focus on DTLA street photography and punk rock culture. Her work has been published in photography books, on album covers, and has been featured in numerous publications including The Los Angeles Times. You can find her now in Razorcake.
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