Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival Opens Thursday to Inspire, Embrace, Empower!

The Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival, now in its 5th year, kicks off its 3 day (July 26th thru the 28th) celebration of films that “Inspire, Embrace, Empower” at 8pm on Thursday at the Let Live Theater (916 N. Formosa Ave, LA 90046). Thursday evening’s shorts program will highlight 8 global shorts; featuring selections from Latvia, Israel, Iran, Sweden, Germany, and the U.S. LADFF is very committed to establishing an inclusive and multicultural experience through independent films at its festival. All 3 days will be packed with films from a diverse group of film makers form around the world offering unique programming. The goal of LADFF is to establish a multicultural experience for those who attend by representing the world’s independent and passionate film community. 

Founder Hollis McLachlan’s vision is to promote films that share accurate portrayal and reflection of life, without stereotypes or degradation to the human experience. Sonja Mereu returns for the second year in a row as director for LADFFMereu clarifies her mission as director by saying, “This selection of stories and filmmakers will give our audience unique perspectives on the human experience that they won’t see at other film festivals.” It’s her goal to make LADFF a voice diversity with creativity! Here’s a few of the festival’s highlights for the weekend: Purple Dreams, a behind-the-scenes documentary chronicling at-risk youth in a North Carolina’s high school’s production of The Color Purple; Mind Over Matter, a documentary about the life of musician Brandon Mendenhall (Korn, Mendenhall Project), who overcame cerebral palsy to become a celebrated rock ‘n roll guitarist; Scar Tissue exploring LGBTQ issues of a young man who flees Syria for Belgium to live as openly gay life; Manicure, where a young Iranian man tries to protect his wife legacy – and his own life – after her suicide; and Evoke, exploring the aftermath of a romance, by local filmmaker Asia LeMasters. The LADFF film programming is aimed to enlighten, educate and entertain by offering an inclusive and multicultural experience through independent films. There are different blocks of programming offered over the 3 day festival you maybe interested in seeing, so see list below for more information. For tickets to opening night and other festival programming: https://filmfreeway.com/LADFF/tickets.

LADFF Programming Lists After The Break

LADFF programming blocks starting Thursday:

  • Thursday July 26, 8PM: Opening Night Shorts (and after party), featuring eight global shorts including films from Latvia, Israel, Iran, Sweded, Germany, and the U.S.
  • Friday July 27, 8PM: Skater Boiz & Girlz, a pairing of films that highlight skateboarders and how their sport can help break rules, transcend surroundings, and find community (Block 2)
  • Friday July 27, 9:45PM: Friday Night’s Alright for Shorts, a block of thriller/sci-fi shorts from around the world, followed by a meet and greet and reception (Block 3)
  • Saturday July 28, 1PM: Female Storytellers, featuring selections from Israel, U.S., Canada, and Morocco (Block 4)
  • Saturday July 28, 3:15: Power to the Young People, an inspiring set of films highlighting the talents of young artists from all over the country (Block 5)
  • Saturday July 28, 5:15PM: Doc Block, featuring five diverse documentaries from Ethiopia, the U.S., and Nepal (Block 6)
  • Saturday July 28, 7PM: Mind Over Matter, a documentary about Brandon Mendenhall, a young man with Cerebral Palsy who defies the odds to make it as a successful rock and roll guitarist, followed by a Q&A with Mendenhall and the filmmaker (Block 7)
  • Saturday July 28, 9:15PM: Come As You Are/The LGBTQ Shorts Block, featuring seven selections from the U.S., Iran, Belgium, India, and Spain
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